Slow Internet Connection

We have a T1 (1.5 Mbits Down/1.5 Mbits UP)...We have a SonicWall TZ-170.
We are experiencing extremely slow internet browsing and ran a test at, with the following results:

Download = 1.3 Mbits
Upload = 38 Kbits

I am suspecting that someone might be downloading something from us, or someone is uploading something.

Anyways, what are the different ways that I can track down what is going on. What computer is uploading, etc.

Anyone more familiar with SonicWall, if there are any utilities that I can run there? Any help would be appreciate it. I have very limited experience with SonicWall Firewalls.
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mabutterfieldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would recommend monitoring the utilization on the 1700 router first.  

Look at the output of 'show interface <serial int name>'

Look at the reliability, txload, and rxload.  

 MTU 1500 bytes, BW 100000 Kbit, DLY 100 usec,
     reliability 255/255, txload 1/255, rxload 1/255

The txload and rxload will tell you how much of the bandwidth is being used.  If your upload speed is tested at 38kbits, and it should be 1544kbits, then the txload will probably be above 200/255.  

You can continually check throughout the day, or you can use several different programs that use netflow, and/or SNMP to monitor the system for you.  If you'd like additional information let me know.

Regarding wireshark, you would need to put a hub between the router and firewall, or firewall and internal network, and plug the two devices and a laptop into it.  Run wireshark on the laptop, and it will monitor the traffic.  Or you could use a managed switch, and setup a mirror (span) port

router <------->hub(not switch) <-------> firewall
                              |-------->laptop with wireshark

Wireshark would be better at telling you WHAT is being transfered, while the counters on the interface will tell you HOW MUCH is being transfered.

good luck, and let me know how it goes.
You could use ethereal or wire shark to sniff information on the network.  Both are free programs.  I would recommend installing the software on a gateway to monitor all traffic.  You can also look at your switches/routers and look which activity lights are blinking link crazy and try troubleshooting from there.  
What type of router is outside the firewall?  
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pzozulkaAuthor Commented:
Cisco 1700 Series Router
pzozulkaAuthor Commented:
How would I go about putting WireShark on the gateway, if my gateway is a SonicWall Firewall and my router is a Cisco 1700. WireShark is only for Windows/Linux, and some other OS.
This link will help you find the software you want to download a program for your Cisco router to monitor bandwidth.
nsx106052, that's a nice list.  Thanks for the post.

I would also like to add that I've used the products from Advent Net several times.  They have a free 30-day trial on most of their software, and some of it can be run for free for non-commercial use. (i run at home to tinker with my stuff).

NetFlow Analyzer will give you all sorts of pretty bars/charts/graphs of your network traffic.
pzozulkaAuthor Commented:
I went with the HUB idea between Router & Firewall. Thanks for the tip.
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