Display Confirmation before deleting mail from inbox

One of the user in my company wants to know if there is ANY way he could get a prompt in outlook when he deletes anything from his inbox. I know he gets a prompt in the recycle binwhen he wants to delete it permenantly, but is there a way he could also get that prompt when he deletes it from inbox.
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amritgillConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you cannot get the confirmation from the inbox as it does not permanantly deletes it from the outlook..it sends it to deleted items and when u delete it from the deleted item box then you get the confirmation box....it will not come on the inbox...as there i no option provided for it..
TetraSAAuthor Commented:
Thats what i thought.........problem is the user is convinced otherwise !! he i convinced that he used to see that box, and he is our company president, and he is not the kind off guy that would listen to you specially when he is soo convinced he is correct.  

aaahhh......Thanks anyway for your response man !!
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