Restore an Rman backup on new server

Guys I am investigating thid scenario.
Say I creating compressed rman backup sets and they are copied to tape. then a disaster occurs and i completly loose that server I now need to use these backups on a totally differen server with a different folder configuration I dont have a rman catalog.

What do I do.

I thougth I could use a command named catalog but i read some where that this may not be the case.

Please help.

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You have to make a new Oracle installation on a new computer.

SET DBID xxxxx;

RESTORE CONTROLFILE FROM '/u06/oradata/index1/RMAN_BKP/TESTADC/ora_cfc-2955635561-20080602-00';


DarrenJacksonAuthor Commented:
schwertner I have just finished this and it is asking for some media recovery

even though I asked rman to backup whole database inc logs it is sayinf that it needsa log file

I have access to these files but how do I get it to look at this log

the error is
recover succeeded but open resetlogs would get error below
file 1 needs more recovery to be consistent
data file 1 /oradb/oradata/IT2B/system.dbf
unable to perfom media recovery because of missing log
no backup of log thread 1 seq 1769 lowsnc 1030122470 found to restore

any ideas


DarrenJacksonAuthor Commented:
Another thing with this is I backed up the archive logs at the same time so why would it be asking for logs in the first place.

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This is so, because the backup made by RMAN is not cold backup,
it is close to on line backups.
Because the Oracle server is not turned off and the backup set is not consistent.
See in the RMAN documentation how to back up the online redo and the archived redo logs.
DarrenJacksonAuthor Commented:
to be honest i thought i did that
what should i be looking for in the rman script
Making Whole Database Backups with RMAN   9-6

If you can afford to close the primary database, then take closed, consistent backups of the whole database. If you cannot shut down the database, then the only option is to make a backup while the database is open.
To make a whole database backup:
1. After starting RMAN, run the BACKUP DATABASE command at the RMAN prompt. This example backs up all the datafiles as well as the control file and server parameter file (if used). It does not specify a FORMAT parameter, so RMAN gives each backup piece a unique name automatically and stores it in the port-specific default location ($ORACLE_HOME/dbs on UNIX):

BACKUP DATABASE; # uses automatic channels to make backup
SQL 'ALTER SYSTEM ARCHIVE LOG CURRENT'; # switches logs and archives all logs

Optionally, use the FORMAT parameter to specify a filename for the backup piece. For example, enter:

BACKUP DATABASE FORMAT '/tmp/%U'; # %U generates a unique filename

Optionally, use the TAG parameter to specify a backup tag. For example, enter:
BACKUP DATABASE TAG = 'weekly_backup'; # gives the backup a tag identifier
Note that RMAN assigns a default tag to backups. Refer to the BACKUP ...
TAG description in Oracle9i Recovery Manager Reference for the default format.
DarrenJacksonAuthor Commented:
Not sure what iam doing wrong here I have been working on this for nearly a week and I am no forward :(

before I was able to to get to a point where I was able to restore but not recover but in a moment of madness I lost my script for recovery and now I am getting this error

here is a dump of the full problem

2> {
3> allocate channel f002 type disk;
#CATALOG START WITH '/backup/3'; # Catalog all files in #the #current
4> 5> restore controlfile from '/backup/5bjk8r9i_1_1';
6> alter database mount;
7> set newname for datafile 1 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/system.dbf';
8> set newname for datafile 2 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/undotbs1.dbf';
9> set newname for datafile 3 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/sysaux.dbf';
10> set newname for datafile 4 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/tools.dbf';
11> set newname for datafile 5 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/undotbs2.dbf';
12> set newname for datafile 6 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/users.dbf';
13> set newname for datafile 7 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/ifsapp_data.dbf';
14> set newname for datafile 8 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/ifsapp_index.dbf';
15> set newname for datafile 9 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/ifsapp_lob.dbf';
16> set newname for datafile 10 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/ifsapp_report_data.dbf';
17> set newname for datafile 11 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/ifsapp_report_index.dbf';
18> set newname for datafile 12 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/ifsapp_archive_data.dbf';
19> set newname for datafile 13 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/ifsapp_archive_index.dbf';
20> set newname for datafile 14 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/ifsinfo_index.dbf';
21> set newname for datafile 15 to '/oradb/oradata/IT2B/ifsinfo_data.dbf';
22> restore database;
23> switch datafile all;
24> recover database;
25> using backup controlfile until cancel;
26> alter database open resetlogs;
27> release channel f002;
28> }

allocated channel: f002
channel f002: sid=100 devtype=DISK

Starting restore at 01-JUL-08

channel f002: restoring control file
channel f002: restore complete, elapsed time: 00:00:01
output filename=/oradb/oradata/IT2B/control01.ctl
output filename=/oradb/oradata/IT2B/control02.ctl
Finished restore at 01-JUL-08

database mounted

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

executing command: SET NEWNAME

Starting restore at 01-JUL-08

creating datafile fno=3 name=/oradb/oradata/IT2B/sysaux.dbf
released channel: f002
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-03002: failure of restore command at 07/01/2008 09:14:25
ORA-01119: error in creating database file '+DATA'
ORA-17502: ksfdcre:4 Failed to create file +DATA
ORA-15001: diskgroup "DATA" does not exist or is not mounted
ORA-15077: could not locate ASM instance serving a required diskgroup
ORA-29701: unable to connect to Cluster Manager


any ideas
Investigate if this is correct directory loction:
it seems that on the ASM it isn't
DarrenJacksonAuthor Commented:
This is my problem the new server doesnt have an asm instance it is a single instance server I cannot re-create the location so I thought that by using the set newname would resolve this

but the location is valid on the new server
DarrenJacksonAuthor Commented:
update I have created a  rman catalog on a completely different server I am just finishing a backup to this.

I thought that If I cannot do it the first way may be using a catalog will work

What I want to know is once I have my backup how do I restore onto the new server when using rman with a catalog

ie how do I connect to the catalog on a new server do I need to add tnsname info???

please help
DarrenJacksonAuthor Commented:
I have managed to get a result on this I found some documentation that exactly explains how to do this.

It is located on metalink  doc id =  415579.1 How to Restore RMAN Disk backups of RAC database to single instance on another node.

schwertner as you where good enough to help I will close this and award points

Many Thanks

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