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Citrix PS4.5

I have published an application in Citrix PS 4.5 (Enterprise Edition) and added one of the local user (not active directory user) to access this application. But when I given the IP address of citrix server as URL it gave me the window for login and I have given the credentials. But after logging it says "There are no published applications currently available for this user" .

Please help

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1 Solution
I assume you have installed the Web Interface also, did you check the XML Broker define on the WI site for your farm. So it will be:-
1. You installed the PS45 with Web Inetrface.
2. Make Web Interface site (Access Platform site) through AMC
3. Publish application --> assign server --> define user.
Also, check what happen if you ude Full Program Neighbourhood client instead of going through Web Interface (which use ICA Web Client). Let me know the outcome.
kurajeshAuthor Commented:
I have installed web interface and went to AMC and deleted the existing site and created a new one, published application, added users and then tried through WI. It is working now, thanks.

I could see the following warning alert in my citrix server

Server Metric alert :

A configured server metric has exceeded either the warning or error threshold for a sufficient duration to cause an alert to be generated. You can view and configure the warning and error thresholds for the affected metric, and see the length of time for which they have been exceeded, in the Citrix Access Management Console.

Also how to confgure the load balancing and hotfix management.


That's the 'Alert' generated in case any of the configured matric like Memory consumption, CPU, Disk space, etc reached threshold values. If you double click the alert, it will take you to the cause.

For Presentation Server's Load Blancing, you need to publish the same application on more Citrix servers and then use Load Evaluator. You can find more information on the Admin guide.
By default, citrix servers in PS4.5 are configured to use the default monitoring configuration. As Kaushal suggested you can publish the application on multiple citrix servers for load balance. You can modify the monitoring configuration by doing this:

Launch the AMC

Expand farm -> Monitoring Configuration -> Server Monitoring -> Default Configuration.

Right click a metric in the right most pane and edit metric settings to preferred value. Unless it is really an issue I would leave the default configuration as it is although it generates alerts for paging and processor time frequently.

Load balancing:
Make sure you do not use the advanced load evaluator for servers as it causes issues when any of the metrics like paging or other metrics are at threshold. Use Default (server user load) load evaluator for servers.
kurajeshAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the solution

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