VPN Box Model

I am looking for a simple VPN box for my home connectivity.
I want a product apart from Cisco, Juniper, Nortel, NEC & Linksys.
Could anyone specify me with any other product for my VPN ? I am looking for a low end product.

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Jan SpringerCommented:
I like the Cisco ASA 5505.  On CDW (I believe), it runs around $420.
RajeevSrikantAuthor Commented:
how can i make the IP Sec tunnel between two VPN devices where both the devices are receiving dynamic IPs from different ISPs.

Jan SpringerCommented:
I would think that you would use the dynamic crypto map statements with pre-shared keys and authentication (username, password) configured.
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RajeevSrikantAuthor Commented:
there is a option called Dynamic dns through which this can be achieved.
Could any one help me in understating how dynamic DNS works with IPSec in scenario where both the sides of the VPN devices are receiving IP address from DHCP
Jan SpringerCommented:
Actually, you both setup crypto maps specifying dynamic remote (no peer address).  Use a pre-shared key.

Since you both have Internet access (to reach each other), just use the DNS server that you would normally use that is specified in  your workstation configuration.  This should not change unless I am misunderstanding what it is that you are trying to accomplish.
RajeevSrikantAuthor Commented:
My requirement is as follows

I have two sites. In both the sites i have broadband internet connectivity. I receive DHCP IP from the service provider. I want to connect these two sites via IP sec VPN

How this can be achieved.
Jan SpringerCommented:
So, is the question, how do I connect to a remote location when I don't know its IP? It doesn't matter if the IP is obtained via DHCP.  It does matter if the provider does not assign a publicly routed IP.

And do the providers expire and change your IP from time to time?  If that's the case, even a public IP will require a reconfiguration at both ends.  If it's not a public IP on at least one end, I just don't see that this workable.
RajeevSrikantAuthor Commented:
The dynamic IP address assigned is public at both the ends.
Jan SpringerCommented:
So, you can create a point-to-point vpn bearing in mind that, if or when the IP of one end changes, you will need to update your peer statement with the new IP.  I wouldn't bother with dynamic crypto statements.
RajeevSrikantAuthor Commented:
There is one option i explored which is the DDNS, through which we can regiested the hostname to the IP in websites like http://www.dyndns.com/
Jan SpringerCommented:
dynamic crypto works with a firewall at one end (and a fixed configuration) and a client  with a dynamic IP at another end that initiates the connection.

I do not believe that you can set the peer with a hostname.
RajeevSrikantAuthor Commented:
have a look at this website

Jan SpringerCommented:
I'm familiar with dyndns.com.  What I can't find is any configuration option that suggests that, with the Cisco product, you can set a peer by hostname.
RajeevSrikantAuthor Commented:
Cisco linksys VPN box supports it. I have tested it.

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