æ ø å Æ Ø Å change into .æ ø Ã¥ à  ÃÜ Ã ¿½

Posted on 2008-06-25
Last Modified: 2008-06-25
I'm trying to create a vcs file on the fly and submit it to the user. This works fine but when opening the file in Outlook then characters like æ ø å Æ Ø Å are change into æ ø Ã¥ à  ÃÜ Ã ¿½ characters.

I'm opening the file with the following url:

How do I get the characters to be displayed as they should?
<%@ Page Language="vb" ContentType="text/html" 
    ResponseEncoding="ISO-8859-1" Debug="False" trace="False"%>
<%@ import Namespace="System.IO" %>
<script runat="server"> 
Sub Page_Load(Sender As Object, E As EventArgs) 
   Dim beginDate as Date = Request("Dato")
   Dim endDate as Date  = Request("Dato")
   Dim myLocation as String = ""
   Dim mySubject as String = Request("Subject"))
   Dim myDescription as String = Request("body") & "æ ø å Æ Ø Å"
   Dim mStream As new MemoryStream()
   Dim writer As new StreamWriter(mStream)
   writer.AutoFlush = true 
   writer.WriteLine("PRODID:-//Flo Inc.//FloSoft//EN")
   writer.WriteLine("DTSTART:" & _
            beginDate.ToUniversalTime.ToString("yyyyMMdd\THHmmss\Z") )
   writer.WriteLine("DTEND:" & _
           endDate.ToUniversalTime.ToString("yyyyMMdd\THHmmss\Z") )
   writer.WriteLine("LOCATION:" & myLocation)
   writer.WriteLine("DESCRIPTION;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:" & myDescription)
   writer.WriteLine("SUMMARY:" & mySubject) 
   Response.Clear() 'clears the current output content from the buffer
   Response.AppendHeader("Content-Disposition", _
            "attachment; filename=Appointment.vcs")
   Response.AppendHeader("Content-Length", mStream.Length.ToString())
   Response.ContentType = "application/download"
End Sub

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Accepted Solution

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Try this:

        Dim writer As New StreamWriter(mStream, Encoding.Default)

Author Comment

ID: 21864916
Thanks, that works like a charm!

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