2nd voluome of RAID 1 disk is showing as "Healthy(At Risk)"

We have HP Proliant ML1100 G4 server with SBS 2003 SP2. It has RAID 1 disk setup and divided into C and E partitions. I think it has onboard controller something called "LSI adapter, Ultra320 SCSI 2000 series, w/1020/1030". HP bundled storage manager utility seems not picking up as hardware raid controller.

The problem is that 2nd partitions (E) starts showing as "Healthy (At Risk)" at Disk Management. also it is showing following error on disk 0,

Disk 0 (online errors) - it has yellow triangle with exclamation mark icon on disk
Disk 1 (online)

I was about to try "Reactivate Disk" to get Disk 0 to be online. But Is anything can go wrong if I try this?

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nsitsupportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have reactive the disk a week ago, it still showing as "Healthy".
I'd replace disk 0. It looks as if that HD is going bad.
nsitsupportAuthor Commented:
The server is on different location at the moment. Also we are not sure this is just I/O error or actually faulty hard drive..

see below,
IO errors are usually caused by bad disks, at least that is my experience.
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