problem printing to local client printers

We have two Citrix Servers running Presentation Server 4.5. One server is a clone from the other one. Now we have a problem on the cloned server. The users don't get any local printers mapped in the citrix session. even though the policies are made and everything works fine on the other server (same user, same printer, same published application...).
When I start the "ICA Client Printer Configuration" (on the cloned server) I just can see some local ports but no local printers at all (see the attached printscreen). Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
Thank you in advance for your prompt responses.
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iha-gfkAuthor Commented:
I found the solution!
Because of the cloning, the user "ctx_cpsvcuser" had no permission on the ica-protocol. So I just added the user and the printer-mapping works perfectly now.
Thank you anyway.

Kind regards
S. Mueller
I assume you regenrated the SID of clonned server (NewDIS.exe). Did you check the Windows log, it usually give you good hint to start. R u using UPD?
iha-gfkAuthor Commented:
Yes, we regenerated the SID (NewSID) after cloning. That's the strange thing about it, the Windows log doesn't list any errors about printing issues. Yes, we use UPD. The policy is set on: "When auto-creating client printers: Use universal driver only".
1. Does removing any third-party printer drivers resolve the issue?
2. If a known server is working and one is broken, attempt to replicate/import the UPD from the working server to the non-working server.
3. Is the server licensed and the appropriate feature release level set correctly?
4. Ensure the UPD is installed and no policies are preventing the installation of printer drivers.
Please note that Session network printers are not autocreated using the Universal Printer Driver. They are always autocreated using the native drivers. In fact, none of other printer policies affect the session printers policy.
iha-gfkAuthor Commented:
1. As it is a productiv server, I can't just remove the drivers. But this server's got all the same drivers like the other one, which is working perfectly.
2. I replicated the driver as you wished. Did not change anything.
3. Yes, both servers are licensed. Where can i set the feature release level on PS 4.5?
4. UPD is installed (checked in server-properties menu of the control panel --> printer)

Hmm.. yes, it is an session network printer which i'm trying to connect. on the "good" server it is working with an session network printer using UPD (see attachments).

I also rebooted the server twice. I still don't get any local printers (neither UPD oder native printers) and no failures in the windows- eventlog.
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