form disappearing

I'd asked how to drop some data beneath the start button (
It works, at least for the first few passes.
However, without warning, at some point after the form's been loaded, I can look down there and it's simply data being displayed at all...

me.Visible is true,
windowstate is normal
Height is 20/Width is 90 (as expected)
TopLevel is true
StartPos is manual

Changing the color doesn't seem to register.
What can I check?  Any idea why it's MIA?
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Does your form disappear completely or is it only behind some other window (taskbar for example) ?
To test it, you can position your form so that I overlaps with the taskbar but partially visible.

Another helpful test:

Take the Spy-Tool and watch the Properties (windows style are interesting) of your form.
a) styles when it's visible
b) styles when it's invisible

With spy you can also get the owner / parent of your form.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
I can duplicate it if I hit WindowsKey+D (shrink to desktop).  It doesn't disappear the 'first' time, when everything is minimized, but if I hit it again, to restore everything to it's prior state, the form disappears...
check whether the forms state has been changed to minimized.  maybe add code to the form.resize or form.visiblechanged events to reaffirm what position you expect yourself to be in, but don't forget to check for recursive calls if you do this.
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sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Neither of those hit after the form is loaded (good thinking though).
I even tried the min/max events, but nothing there either...
Where is your form exactly located ?
Check following:

o Screen Position
o owner
o parent

is your form BEHIND another window (Z-order) ?
Try setting a timer to reapply the topmost attribute.  It may be that the Taskbar is putting itself over the top.
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Screen position is correct.
Not sure where you're going with owner/parent, but a quick search on z-order brought up the bringtofront method for the form, so I tossed that in there for good measure.

Already have the timer, so I added the topmost=true in there as well.

Something seems to have worked at any rate - my attempt to duplicate it still causes it to disappear, but it's finally reappearing when the timer fires.

I'll play with it to narrow it down and continue testing just to be sure.
Thanx gang!
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