When I check the mail queue on Exchange 2007 it shows a request from Exchange 2007 to the old mail server (exchange 2000)

I am preparing to decommission Exchange 2000. I unplugged the Exchange 2000 from the network just to make sure I am not missing anything.

When I check the mail queue on Exchange 2007 it shows a request from Exchange 2007 to the old mail server (exchange 2000)

This is the request to oldservername-IS@domain.org the requests are for backfill, status, and structure.

I removed all references of the old mail server from the Public folder database.
I am not sure why it is sending these requests.

I want to decommission the old server but now I have these requests and I am wondering why.

If anyone can help me understand or point me to eliminate this before taking the old one off.

Thank for your help.

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the email address that you have mentioned appears to belong to the public folder database of the old server
there still must be some public folders/system folders that have the old server name in their list of replicas.
headtechAuthor Commented:
I looked into the entire public folder and removed the old server from the replica list. Is there anyway that I can confirm that without going one by one the public folders.

the following command should give you the output.

get-publicfolder -recurse | ft name,replicas
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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you can also use the RemoveReplicaFromPFRecursive.ps1 script to remove the old server from the list of replicas.
check http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa997966(EXCHG.80).aspx
headtechAuthor Commented:
This is screen snapshot is from the old mail server, do I need to add the new mail server on the entire public folder instance?
how did you replicate the PFs to the new server?
are these the only PFs that you have?
headtechAuthor Commented:
Yes, those are the only ones, I can see on the old server and the new server has more public folders.

I setup the replica and once the replication is done, I removed the old server from the replica set.

But the ones that are still on the public folder (on the attachment they still have the old server and was not sure if I need to replicate all off them.

And I used the article below to do the replication

the folders that i have highlighted appear to be valid folders.
have you replicated them across to the new server?
have you also replicated the system folders?
headtechAuthor Commented:
Yes, they are and just removed the old server from the replica list and they all disappeared from the list.
headtechAuthor Commented:
which mean they are no longer showing on the list we have and i can see them on the new server PF
then you are good to go.
let the messages in the queue clear up and then you can stop the services on the old server
if there are no PFs on the old server now then the replication messages should not generate again.
headtechAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Than, I do not need any of the folders, I will stop the services and unplug the old server from the network. The message shows up when I unplug the old server from the network.

I will let you know. Thanks for your help.
headtechAuthor Commented:
so when i checked today requests are for backfill is here again. I wonder why it is doing that?
you can delete those messages.
headtechAuthor Commented:
These messages show up every 24 hours any better way?
can you open one of the messages in the queue and check the originator and receiver of the message?
headtechAuthor Commented:
The originator is the new server and the receiver is the old serverr
so they are PF replication messages.
it seems that there are still some PFs that have a replica on the old server.
did you rehome all the system folders also?
headtechAuthor Commented:
yes i did but i checked the event dewier this is what i found and this folder seems to not replicate completely and can i force replication? how?

Event Type:      Warning
Event Source:      MSExchangeIS Public Store
Event Category:      Replication Errors
Event ID:      3085
Date:            7/3/2008
Time:            4:19:20 AM
User:            N/A
Error 1129 occurred while generating an outgoing replication message.

 Type: 0x80000004
 Folder: (6-5E0E) IPM_SUBTREE\Member Schools - DO NOT DELETE\Capital

 Database "Second Storage Group\Public Folder Database".

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
is the old server name still added as a replica on this PF's properties?

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headtechAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help and see attached document.
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