impossible to forward port 8080 and 3389 with iptables (ubuntu)

Hello :)

I came accross a very (to me) wierd problem ..
somehow, it seem I'm unable to forward port 8080 and 3389, while most of the other ports (I didnt test everything) are working perfectly.

here is how my network look:

[network: 192.168.0.x] > [ubuntubox eth0: eth1:] > [router]
the router has as DMZ

so far, everything is ok, all computers behind the box have access to internet.
now, when I want to forward some port into my LAN, problems arise:

for exemple, I tried to forward the port 21 to, in doing as follow:

sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i eth1 -o eth0 -p tcp --dport 21  -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT
sudo iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat -p tcp -i eth1 --dport 21 -j DNAT --to-destination

no problem there. but when I'm trying the very same things, with port 8080, to any of my LAN, it wont work. at all. same goes for 3389.
there is no firewall on the server I'm trying to reach inside the lan, and no other service blocking the way.
it just wont connect.
I tried with port 21, 80, 5900, all of those were ok.

if it's any help, here is the extra package I installed on ubuntu: apache, bind, ntop, lynx.
and also, there was some wierd error while booting, something like: ACPI Invalid PBLK Length
but I don't think it's related.

thanks in advance!

edit: I can see however that the timeout on port 8080 and 3389 is longer when I did the forward, than when I remove the entry from iptables
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If you're using ipchains as well as iptables, check your ipchains configuration to make sure that those ports aren't being blocked. If you're using a template or default configuration file, they might be blocked by default.

The nature of those two ports strongly leads me to believe they are being blocked by something.
Sounds like your ISP, not IPTables. 8080 is a common proxy port (also old Wingate *shudder*) and 3389 is Remote Desktop Protocol. Both of these are routinely blocked by ISPs, personal firewalls, and other security applications.
If I would have paid more attention to your question, I would have seen that you are trying to forward to your internal LAN. Sorry. Is there anything internally that may be blocking those ports?
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mistoiicAuthor Commented:
not that I'm aware of :)

it seems to be random, some port are ok, while some are not.
some minutes ago, I did try to redirect port 3000 (ntop html report) to another IP,
it worked.

another thing I tried, is to forward vnc (5900) to (worked)
then, I made vnc listen to port 8080, forward that to it failed. but a long timeout
(while local connection are ok)
Jan SpringerCommented:
You don't indicate whether the rules are accepted in iptables and whether you have logged the rules to determine whether iptables is the problem or the destination location.
mistoiicAuthor Commented:
I did try 8080 because I needed it,
but I also tried 8081 later, and it did not work, while 26352 was ok. it's a mystery to me :(
I didnt log anything, and the rule is accepted (ie no error) no matter what port I try.

I will try to log the rules forwarding 8080, and report back :)
mistoiicAuthor Commented:
could a broken network interface cause this?
I can change it, at least to eliminate one possibility :)
Jan SpringerCommented:
are you using this network interface in the rule that doesn't work?
mistoiicAuthor Commented:
I don't know if it's broken .. just a possibility that crossed my mind ;]
Jan SpringerCommented:
you're too funny.  

can you ping the IP of that NIC?  can you ping the IP at the other end of that NIC?

does a "netstat -i" show errors on that interface?

does "ethtool" show anything interesting?

is that NIC connected to a switch?  do the speeds and duplexes match?
mistoiicAuthor Commented:
after a long battle, I decided to use a more advanced router instead of the linux, which is now working flawlessly. thanks for your help still, and sorry for the delay
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