Infrastructure Design with Microsoft Poxy Server or ISA Server

My company going to setup a poxy server for internet security access control.
As i know, there have MS poxy server version two and ISA server 2006.
I am new to poxy server, any idea which one should i use?
And any idea on the infrastructure design with using poxy/ISA?

Current environment:
NT domain, will build up 2003 AD domain within this year.
Five office, HQ is at Hong Kong, others at China. Poxy server will put at HK office.
At HK office, we have a firewall, spam mail filter device, and will setup DMZ later.

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Jason YuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ISA server 2006 can act both a firewall and a web proxy server.

More honest, i prefer to use ISA 2006 because it's powerful and can add one more layer of security of your network. It can cooperate with hardware firewall to deply application layer inspection. Ordinary, hardware firewall only do packets layer inspection.

You can refer Dr. Tom Shinder's book on isa for set up, his two isa books are very good handbook for isa admis.
dickchanAuthor Commented:
Any idea on the book's name?
And i have a little bit worry about the OS security level when using ISA 2006 as the primary firewall conncting to internet. Pls correct me if i am wrong..  Micrsoft windows OS always had some bugs and security hole. Is it using a hardware firewall better if  being  the primary firewall which connecting to internet? thanks.
Jason YuCommented:
The book names are:

Dr. tom shinder's configuring ISA server 2004

Dr. Tom Shinder's ISA Server 2006 Migration Guide.

In fact, i have the same puzzle as you before i read these two books, but after I read these book, it solved my puzzles especial old preference for hardware firewall. When you install ISA 200X on you windows server, it will harden your os by closing all ports and change other settings automaticallly.

Read the electronical books first, then you will decide if you need buy it.

I have the electronical edition, if you want give me an email.
Keith AlabasterConnect With a Mentor Enterprise ArchitectCommented:
To run ISA Server, you need a server that is running windows 2000 as a minimum - it will not install on Windows NT. Proxy 2 is a non-supported product but obviously st5ill runs on NT servers.

Reading books first is a good bet but personally I prefer Microsoft's own books.
There is not a book for ISA2006 as it was very close to the ISA2004 version. The MS Press mcse book is superb - just search on for the ISA Server 2004 self study


Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Thanks :)
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