Connecting a linksys L2 unmanageable switch to a Cisco L3 switch

We have configured 2 vlans on a cisco 3650 switch which is at the distribution layer one for voice and the other for data, switchports will be connecting to IP phones only, yes we do have an option to connect computers directly to the phone but we have decided to leave computers on a seperate 24 port linksys switch. For this purpose we will have an uplink originating from cisco switch eg port no 24 and will connect to the linksys switch on port no 1. Port no 24 on cisco switch will be configured only for data so that only the data vlan will be propagated.
My question, is there a problem with this kind of a setup? We have still not connected the linksys switch to Cisco reason being we wanted to be certain of any upcoming issues.
Will such kind of setup cause any issues at the core level switches that are connected to the distribution switches via fiber?
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from_expConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in your there should not be any problems.
however I would recomend using port 24 on linksys, because high number ports are designed for uplinks.
the only thing you can't do - fight network loops and identify/troubleshoot on port basis on your linksys.
if a price is a issue, I would recommend using managed d-link like des-3526 instead of unmanaged switch.
KASPBoodaiAuthor Commented:
We got a positive confirmation from cisco regarding our issue and both the switches are in production at the moment fully functional thanks for your comments.
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