Link fail errors

What is the acceptable range of link fail port errors
We have the following (please see attached two files )

Also i see some event logs saying that port 3 became marginal , than healthy, then marginal again.

Please let me know the troubleshooting steps for these errors.
Should we upgrade the firmware , or change cable , or sfp ?
current fabric OS on both switches is pretty old: v.5.0.3a

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Gerald ConnollyCommented:
i would definately upgrade your firmware to the latest version supported by your servers and storage (NB this might not be the latest version from Brocade)
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
The trouble with these counters are that they could be years old!
You need to clear the counters down (on all ports) (recording them first might be useful) and then sample them at fixed intervals there-after, say daily. Then you have a real measure that means something (if you are getting lots, then do it more frequently, say hourly).

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