Laptop dump memory when booting

Laptop battery taken out while laptop was booted up and in XP. On following bootup,,,message of dump memory taking place possibly hive(file) missing or corrupted.

Any ideas how to solve this?
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kosmoraiosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using recovery console, find your most recent system restore point in %systemroot%\System Volume Information.

Back up your current registry hives (in \windows\system32\config\ ) by renaming them with .BAK extention, and then copy your old restore point hives into that directory. Good luck.
zackeryAuthor Commented:
Just learned,,cannot even access command prompt via F8 window.
You'll have to insert the XP disk and boot to recovery console.

Here's the KB article on it:
test the memory.  if you have more than one dimm remove one then the other.  or you can check it with this software (create a bootable CD with the .iso and let it run thru at least 3 passes)
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