Cisco Router not showing any static routes in the routing table, only dynamic routes (obtained via EIGRP)

I have a Cisco router that is configured in an EIGRP AS (Cisco 1800), and I can't figure out why ONLY dynamic routes show in the SHOW IP ROUTE output, NOT my static routes.

Also, I'll state it since I'm sure someone will mention to TRY the routes even though they don't show, and indeed, the routes do NOT work.

EIGRP settings worth mentioning:

no auto summary

Anyone ever see anything like this?
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jkeegan123Author Commented:
Routes were not showing because the tunnel was flapping.  Setting the tunnel source as a loopback adapter ensured that the tunnel always showed UP, but it was flapping so quickly that unless you were debugging, you didn't see the tunnel failing and failing and failing.
Jan SpringerCommented:
What is your EIGRP configuration?

Do you have a subconfig "redistribute static subnets" ?
jkeegan123Author Commented:
No redistribute statements in the EIGRP, just no auto-summary and 4 subnets.

Jan SpringerCommented:
router eigrp 100
 redistribute connected subnets
 redistribute static subnets
You need to tell eigrp what you want it to announce.
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