how do you create a work group when you already have a domain

I have windows 2000 running as a primary domain controler with dns activated.  I specify a static ip address and I have a number of other machine running xp pro and vista business connecting to each other (also with static ip addresses) which is working fine.

I would like to setup a workgroup so that a number of xp and vista home macines can be seen on the network but I do nto want to disrupt my domain or break teh connections that I already have.  is this possible?

how do I setup a workgroup, and how do I connect to this workgroup if I am a member of the primary domain (ie how does the xp/vista pro machines connect to the xp/vista home machines and vice versa)

can you have a workgroup and a domain under the same umbrella (so to speak) if not what are my simple alternatives to acheiving my desired result?

thanks in advance
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You can configure a workgroup by simply configuring a unique workgroup name for the machines in question.  Domain-joined users will need a local username/password to access resources on any workgroup-joined machines, just like other workgroup members.

This will not "disrupt" anything, but I fail to see how it does anything but create additional complexity for your environment. Machines in a workgroup environment cannot be managed via Group Policy, and do not enjoy the centralized authentication service provided by AD.
Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
Configure all computers to use same WINS server.
It may be necessary to also activate NetBIOS over TCP/IP (WINS-tab in TCP/IP-settings).
Configure the standalone clients to use a common name for its workgroup ('computer name'-tab under 'system properties').

Why are you using static IP configuration on the clients? DHCP will simplify when nead to change any TCP/IP-setting (WINS-server, DNS-server etc).

CiaranGAuthor Commented:
ho do I create this workgroup, and if this is too complex ho would you suggest that I acheive me goal?
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Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
You configure the clients through right-click 'My computer'->Properties->'Computer name'-tab. Click on 'Change'-button and fill in name for the workgroup in the input field.
As Laura said, it's better to join the clients to the domain, but you nead to upgrade the Home-OS to Pro-version to be able to join the domain.
CiaranGAuthor Commented:
I will not be in a position to upgrade the machines to the Pro versions so the workgroup is the way forward

you have described how to connect to a workgroup - i need to know how to create a workgroup!
You will create a workgroup by following henhoj's comment 21873152 - simply configure each machine in question with the same workgroup name.
CiaranGAuthor Commented:
so on each of the machiens I just enter in the same work goup name - I do not need to configure this workgroup on the server.  is this correct?
can the machines who are on the domain also connect to the workgroup?
Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
The computers are either member of a domain or a workgroup.
There is no "server" configuration involved in creating a workgroup; that's what makes it a workgroup.
CiaranGAuthor Commented:
is there any way that the home machines could see the machines on the pro domain - and vice versa?  what do you recommend other than upgrading the home machines
This is a separate question, has nothing to do with workgroup vs. domain.  As long as you have name resolution in place as described earlier, you can share files/folders on any computer.  Domain-joined computers can secure files/folders using AD accounts; workgroup-configured computers will need to configure a local user account on each computer that is hosting resources.
Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
Use the same WINS-server. Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP

The computers outside of the domain will see the computers in the domain, but propably not access any resources when they're not authenticated to the domain. The same thing the other way.

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