Obtaining information about a server in a workgroup

Hi guys hope u r well and can assist.

Im sure some of you guys might have been in the following situation before and im hoping you have.

We have a situation at work in our company whereby we need to get information about a particular server that is not on our domain, is ours however, and is in a workgroup.

We have the ip address and believe it is a windows box but not entirely sure.

I need to be able to log on to this machine.

If I do a UNC eg. \\<ip address\....it brings up a dialog.

We dont have current credentials to log on, but I need a way to "break" in.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated on how we might for example retrieve the local admin password and account as this is critical.

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I dont think there is unless you know what these credentials are..  More important, what OS is on that PC..

There are apps that will tell you what the PC name IP MAC etc is if that helps?
PS.  if you know where this server is, ERD Commander can easy let you in, but you need to be at the PC and as you have mentioned, you dont know where it is..
Christopher MartinezCommented:
This server...does it have domain admin rights assigned to it on your network? If so you should be able to remote into it using a domain admin credentials.

Else...maybe this site can help

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Simon336697Author Commented:
Thanks so much lekos....we have the ip, pc name and the mac address lekos..
Finally try and app called kaboodle

Simon336697Author Commented:
Hi Bahpoopie
Its part of a workgroup so we cant use any of our domain credentials to get into this box.
I'm sorry Simon but I'm out of answers on this one :(  If only you knew where that PC is??
Simon336697Author Commented:
lekos (champion thku for your help) ---> we now know where physically the server is.....what do you think now would be the best way to tap in mate?
Winterminals ERD Commander

If you look around, you'll find it.  Burn it on CD, boot off it on that PC and your in.

Winterminals was bought out by Microsoft and MS have done nothing with it yet.

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