Why won't my scheduled task run?

I have 2 scheduled tasks. Only Task A works.
Task A calls .net program that extracts data into a csv file and places on C drive.
Task B calls .net program that  takes the extracted data and uploads to an internet site.

Both tasks did run before the administrator password was changed. I have since changed password on both these tasks and only the first one works.

Things I've tried:
run manually  - Task B works if run manually from command line.
setup Task A in same directory as Task B - Task A worked.
re-added Task B - still did not work.
Checked security on Properties - Task B  has full access.

My question is how do I get Task B to work and where should I look Re security issues etc.
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cmrnpConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I placed Scheduled task Commands within a batch file instead then ran the batch file as the task.

This worked.
Christopher MartinezCommented:
Anything in system log with a error report?
cmrnpAuthor Commented:
Nothing in Event viewer at all after I run Task B.
The reason I know it has run or not is it produces a text file with results.
Are the two tasks running at the same time? if so, try to give task A more time to extract the data before scheduling task B to run.
cmrnpAuthor Commented:
No. - They are half an hour apart.
The file for Task B already exists and is run by itself.
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