Issues with companyweb access

First: advanced with pc, novice when it comes to server admin.  

I recently moved my sbs2003 server to a new ip and location.

on any client machine http://companyweb cannot be reached, the browser opens a parked  If we enter https://myservername:444 it works.

Currently open ports; 25,135,443,444,995,1723,3389,4125   I am just running exchange, and using company web.  Are the ports above more than necessary?  Any missing?

Also, how may I go about enabling access to companyweb for clients that are remote and not on the local network?

Thanks in advance for your kindness in replying.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Make sure the network adapter on the client machines points ONLY to the SBS for DNS, whether assigned statically or dynamically. Do not add the ISP's DNS even as an alternate/secondary.

Does SBS run DHCP or your router?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Make sure in DNS there is an alias for companyweb and it is correct.

Also what do you meant you moved the SBS to a new IP? Public IP or server IP? If the server LAN IP, you must do so with the change server IP wizard or you will most certainly break companyweb and much more. Should you need it the wizard is located under server management | Internet and e-mail.

If you changed the Public IP I would recommend re-running the CEICW (Configure e-mail and internet connection wizard) located on the same page and called connect to the internet
XThrasherXAuthor Commented:

the change was made to the pubilc ip.  I re-configured e-mail and internet and rww internal web is working.  We still, however cannot access http://companyweb locally but https://servername:444 https://serveraddress:444 work fine

How do I ensure there is an 'alias' for company web?
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
If the public IP changed it should not have affected the alias, but it is the most common reason fro http://companyweb not working.
Open the DNS management console in administrative tools | expand the server name | click on the domain name | in the right hand window there should be a record similar to:
companyweb  Alias(cname)   SBSname.YourDomain.local
If not right click on the server name and choose "new alias"

Did you re-run the Configure e-mail and Internet Connection Wizard? You should after changing the public IP.
XThrasherXAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

yes, I did re-run email and inet con wiz.

in the DNS mgmt console | records shown;

Event Viewer
Forward Lookup
Reverse Lookup
Root Hints

Right clicking the server name offers the following options;

Configure a DNS
Create Default App Dir Partitions
New Zone
Set Aging
Scavenge Stale
Clear cache
Launch NSlookup

I dont see an option to choose "new alias"

Did I miss a step?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Expand "Forward Lookup zone" and you should see _msdcs.yourdomain... and yourdomain....
Click on yourdomain...  and in the right window you should see your DNS records

>>"I don't see an option to choose "new alias""
The options in your list are from right clicking on the server name, not the domain name.
XThrasherXAuthor Commented:
I understand.  Thank you.  The alias is present for companyweb with the following;

FQDN = companyweb.domain.local
FQDN for target = servername.domain.local

any other suggestions?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Only other thought I have is to open the IIS management console | expand server name | expand web sites | right click on company web and choose properties | web site | verify:
IP address = SBS
advanced | should show SBS IP and company web, as well as companyweb.domain.local
TCP = 80
SSL port = 444

Under the Directory security tab | IP address restrictions - Edit. Make sure no local IP's/subnets are blocked, though if the one were the case companyweb:444 shouldn't work either
XThrasherXAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the suggestions.  I have re-checked these settings and all are correct.  We are still having the same issue.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Very odd.
If you run from a command line on one of the LAN PC's:
nslookup  companyweb
Does it return something like:
   C:\>nslookup companyweb
   Server:  servername.domain.local

   Name:    servername.domain.local
   Aliases:  companyweb.domain.local
If that works, we checked this already above in a different location, but go to the IIS management console | expand server name | click on web sites  | and in the right window is should show company web as running, but make sure it also shows 80 under port.

My apologies but I missed the other parts of your original question.

You asked about ports: 25,135,443,444,995,1723,3389,4125  
25  is needed if for SMTP Exchange access
135 is for RPC but as a rule should not be open
443 is needed for SSL with Remote Web Workplace and Outlook Web Access
444  is needed for external access to the CompanyWeb/Sharepoint site
995 is a special port for incoming POP connections to Exchange. I haven't seen this used but perhaps you are making use of it. If SMTP port 25 is in use I am doubtful there is any need for it.
1723  is for VPN access to the SBS
3389  is for direct remote desktop access to the SBS. Though that is not a great security risk, the same thing can be accomplished more securely using Remote Web Workplace
4125  is used for access with Remote Web Workplace in conjunction with port 443

The only others that are occasionally used are port 80 for hosting a web site and port 21 for hosting an FTP site. It is not recommended either be run on SBS due to security concerns.

In order to set up remote access to the SBS for the Company Web Page you simply need to run the CEICW (Configure e-mail and internet connection wizard) and in the process add the certificate (either the SBS built-in or add a 3rd party purchased one, and on the web services configuration page check the "Windows Sharepoint Services intranet site" option. The router will also need port 444 pointed to the SBS.
XThrasherXAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your efforts

"If you run from a command line on one of the LAN PC's
nslookup  companyweb"

It returns " cant find companyweb: Non-existent domain"
Perhaps Im missing a step here, there is no local search.  

Ive since closed all unnecessary ports, just 25,443,444,1723, and 4125 open.

RWW works fine.

Local machines: network folders pointing to general docs on company web (http://companyweb/generaldocs/)  "is no longer avail.  Web server is busy. Try again later"

http://companyweb = parked .com, no local resolve.

it just seems that this is only related to "companyweb".  Every other aspect works fine  whether  it be via servername:444 locally or

Rob WilliamsCommented:
If nslookup companyweb doesn't work its sounds like the DNS alias is missing or corrupt, but you mentioned it was there. It should return something like:

  Server:     SBSname.YourDomain.local

  Name:     SBSname.YourDomain.local
  Aliases: companyweb.YourDomain.local

 nslookup  YourDomain.local
resolve correctly, where YourDomain.local is your local domain name?
XThrasherXAuthor Commented:
The same result is produced.  I cant seem to get it to resolve correctly.  BTW, on the sbs companyweb works fine.
XThrasherXAuthor Commented:
"Make sure the network adapter on the client machines points ONLY to the SBS for DNS"

That was it Rob, thank you so much for your help!
XThrasherXAuthor Commented:
Awesome support and diligence!!  Thank you!
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Very welcome. You may find that helps some other issues as well. For example often PC logons are slow unless DNS is configured correctly. Sorry to take so long to figure that out but I focused too much on the public IP changing on not the fact that you had mentioned you moved the server.

Thanks XThrasherX
Cheers !
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