Invalid argument in IE 7

Hi there,

I'm getting an  error when I dynamically write a div with a javascript function call inside it.  The error is only happening with I, FF and Safari seem to be working correctly. If you got to the page in IE and then refresh it or try to close the window the error dialog appears.

What am I missing?

------ c# code
 divThumbs.InnerHtml = String.Concat("<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"mainScreen.LoadServerControlHtml('Management',{'pageID':3,'data':" + xDocList[i].Attributes["id"].InnerText + "},'methodHandlers.BeginRecieve');\" onmouseover=\"setClassName('ctl00_mainContent_" + _docListCnt + "','managmentThumbGlow');\" onmouseout=\"setClassName('ctl00_mainContent_" + _docListCnt + "','managmentThumb');\"><img src=\"images/", xDocList[i].ChildNodes[2].InnerText, "\" border=\"0\" /><a/>");
-------- actual generated code
    <!-- start little thumbs //-->
        <div class="plcHolder"><div id="ctl00_mainContent_1" class="managmentThumb"><a href="#" onclick="mainScreen.LoadServerControlHtml('Management',{'pageID':3,'data':5},'methodHandlers.BeginRecieve');" onmouseover="setClassName('ctl00_mainContent_1','managmentThumbGlow');" onmouseout="setClassName('ctl00_mainContent_1','managmentThumb');"><img src="images/ourpeople/Grant-glover.jpg" border="0" /><a/></div><div class="namesText">Wayne Sidwell</div><div class="titleText">Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer</div></div><div class="plcHolder"><div id="ctl00_mainContent_2" class="managmentThumb"><a href="#" onclick="mainScreen.LoadServerControlHtml('Management',{'pageID':3,'data':6},'methodHandlers.BeginRecieve');" onmouseover="setClassName('ctl00_mainContent_2','managmentThumbGlow');" onmouseout="setClassName('ctl00_mainContent_2','managmentThumb');"><img src="images/ourpeople/Grant-glover.jpg" border="0" /><a/></div><div class="namesText">Steve Rees</div><div class="titleText">Chief Operating Officer</div></div><div class="plcHolder"><div id="ctl00_mainContent_3" class="managmentThumb"><a href="#" onclick="mainScreen.LoadServerControlHtml('Management',{'pageID':3,'data':7},'methodHandlers.BeginRecieve');" onmouseover="setClassName('ctl00_mainContent_3','managmentThumbGlow');" onmouseout="setClassName('ctl00_mainContent_3','managmentThumb');"><img src="images/ourpeople/Grant-glover.jpg" border="0" /><a/></div><div class="namesText">Kerry Smith</div><div class="titleText">Non Executive Director</div></div>
        <!-- end little thumbs //-->

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ruscompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I normally have my debugging turned off for IE7, but have had it on recently and noticed this error on ALOT of sites... May just be an issue with the way IE7 is handling something instead of the code itself...
Looks like it has something to do with AJAX on the page... trying to remove an element?
Is there any AJAX that you have that fires on close?

Maybe someone can interpret better  than I can...
MrAgileAuthor Commented:
There is a modal dialog that can be opened by clicking on the image. The funny thing is I don't get an error in FF or safari only IE. The error also seems to happen when I refresh the page without doing anything. Am i missing an escape character or something?
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MrAgileAuthor Commented:
Anyone ? Can anyone help with this issue?
MrAgileAuthor Commented:
Hi ruscomp,

Why does that not surprise me! I thought it was weird because I was using firebug and that showed no errors at all.

May be I will investigate this error at a later date.

MrAgileAuthor Commented:
I will turn the script debugger off and it will all be fixed.
I do use firebug and it does shows errors

Sys.InvalidOperationException: Handler was not added through the Sys.UI.DomEvent.addHandler method.
Line 7069

Does anyone have any idea regarding the solution ?
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