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Configure multiple Access points with DHCP

 i have 3 D_Link  DWL-3200AP  access points. i will be putting these up in a Two Floor Office block.

I need to configure them so that, first of all DHCP is used to give out ip address' to clients.

I have configured one right now with DHCP server on and it is working fine. Clients receive ip address and are able to surf the internet and access local network resources.

Now how do i configure the remainder of the Access Points. I know they all will have same SSID and encryption and passKey

But my main concern is how will the DHCP work on the Access Points. Do i Have to configure DHCP on all three Access Points?
I do not want to enable DHCP on the server as there are clients who use laptops with DHCP turned on for their LAN connection and they have "Alternate Address" Configured for their LAN connections.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
3 Solutions
Do not setup 3 different DHCP servers.

If all 3 APs are on the same logical network or broadcast domain (as in they all plug back into the same switch with no router between them and they all share the same subnet) then simply configure a DHCP server on that  network and it will hand out DHCP to all clients on that network.

Personally i would recommend using a DHCP server on the wired segment of the network as it will be much easier to manage than using the build in DHCP server in the APs.

But as long as the DHCP server in the AP listens to both the wired and the wireless interface, and all 3 APs are on the same logical network with no routers between them, then setting up a single DHCP server on one AP would hand out IPs to all machines on all APs.
Ohh, and the reason for not setting up 3 DHCP servers is that they would all be handing out IPs on the same network (the first server to answer would hand out the IP) with no regard for eachother, so an IP conflict would be almost certain.
Also, everytime you changed something (Default Gateway, DNS, ETC) you would have to change the scope on all 3 servers.
I have these same AP's deployed now, I have four access points with static IP address plugged into a router. The router has DHCP enabled and hand out IP address through all of the AP's.  Fairly quick and easy to setup.
First, I would allow each Access Point to find their own frequency. Auto Select.

Make sure each have the exact same SSID and security stuff as you mentioned.

Turn off DHCP on each of the APs

Statically assign IP addresses to each of your D-Link APs, say, 6 and 7. (I am assuming an IP range and yours may be different and I am assuming your main router is like

On your router, turn on its DHCP server and make the range from say, to (or up to 254).

Make sure that the gateway in each AP is set to your main routers IP address.

For DNS, use whatever is set for you main router or for your company depending upon how these APs will be used.

By the way if just for Internet access,  I LOVE OpenDNS for a lot of reasons.


and you can use their DNS without any problems. and

Good luck!


icdl101Author Commented:
thank you guys for all your input. sorry didnt back get to you earlier as i was travelling.
All access points up and running smoothly.
God Bless all
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