Office Web Components PivotTable in .NET ASP works in localhost, not in other client machines

Hi! I've an asp page with an Excel spreadsheet and graphics (PivotTable). In the server in which is installed, everything works fine, but in any other machine in my network or in the Internet, it doesn't work.

First of all, it always display  message that I need to add the site to my trusted sites, off course I've already done this.

The first time of login, I need to install the OWC on the client machines, once done this, I see the components but empty.
The graphics part of my page tell that it was an error getting the data, the errors returned from the provider are lower, and of course no graphic is displayed.
I've a javascript that filters some of the information being used, when I click on it, I get a "permission denied" in a line that is:

document.PivotTable1.ActiveView.RowAxis.FieldSets("UNIDAD").Fields("UNIDAD").IncludedMembers = sarrMemberShow;

As I said, it works perfect on the server that is hosted, but didn't on any other machine, and in any other machin keeps telling to add it to trusted sites, and the errors described above.

The server is a Windows XP Professional, running SQL Server 2000 and Analysis Manager. It also has Office 2003, and has installed OWC 10 and OWC 11. No firewall is blocking the ports, as I have disabled everything that I can think could be affecting.

Please help me, I'm two weeks over schedule on this!
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LAERIONAuthor Commented:
Hi jitganguly. I saw the page, it works for static components, which are really just images that the server sends to the client. In this case, I need the interactive functionallity, so a user can customize his/her spread sheet, graphics, etc.
But thanks a lot for the help anyway :)
OWC works that way. It generates the file on the server and sends it to client. You cannot use OWC for what you want to do.

I would rather use excel to achieve that
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LAERIONAuthor Commented:
As I've read, the OWC works in two different ways. One is as a static one, serving only images, and the other as an interactive one, serving COM ojects like spreadsheets, graphics, etc. In fact, the link that you provided above, mention this two approaches, and the author of that link, teaches how to work with the static approach not the interactive one.

I've see it working this way, interactive, that's what I know what I want to do. Thanks a lot for your time :)

Best regards.
Well, I am not aware of it. Since you have seen it there must be the way. In the past I have used owc by generating file on the server and send it to client.

But why can't you opt for excel automation.
LAERIONAuthor Commented:
Where can I read more about opt excel automation as you say? May be it does what I need. Thanks a lot for your help!

Just check once you output to excel, if you could edit ? I think thats your objective, right ?
LAERIONAuthor Commented:
Hi again and thanks for your help! What you put is closer to what I want, but still I think is not. To clarify the situation, I will take some screenshots of what I want to calrify my question. I'm gonna put it in about two hours. Thanks a lot for your help.
LAERIONAuthor Commented:
I'm back. I will attach zip file containing two images with some screen shots of what I'm doing on localhost. In the same document comes a little explanation of what I do on that web page and the results.

Thanks a lot!
What error are you getting now ? Looks like its javascript issues.

Can you post your code please ?
LAERIONAuthor Commented:
I'm uploading the source of the page and a jpg with the javascript error, its a permission denied in an object.

Just to mention it again, the site is in the "trusted zone" of the IE, and I have Office 2003 and the OWC installed.

I'm attaching also the print screen of what is displayed in a remote computer.

LAERIONAuthor Commented:
If you don't know spanish, let me translate what th error.jpg window says:

"No details"
"The request cannot be processed or the data provider has not given additional info about the error"

And the javascript error says:

Permission denied,on line 126, character 3, code 0, of the third file I'm attaching.

I know only Ola and gracious :-)

Google search came up with these pages. I am off for the day (in EST). See if you could fix it. you problem is it is not finding the server.

try some of the posts mentioned e.g.

Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services.
Stop the SQL Server Analysis Services service.
Navigate in Explorer to the database directory where the Analysis Services databases are stored (usually C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.2\OLAP\Data).
Delete the file TFSWarehouse.0.db.xml and the directory TFSWarehouse.0.db
Start the SQL Server Analysis Services service.
See if you can now connect to the Analysis Services in SQL Server Management Studio (Object Explorer/Connect/Analysis Services/your server name). Typically there will be no Databases listed at this point.
Click the Retry button on the setup screen.
LAERIONAuthor Commented:
I've finally have the answer, and are two:

1) Install the OWC11.msi
2) Put the site in your trusted zone
3) Customize the trusted zone security level and activate the option "access to data source between domains"

And voilá!

Hopes ths works for some one, regards!

P.D. Thanks very much for your help jitganguly :)

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