Call MDB from a COBOL/MQ client

From COBOL /MQ [MainFrame Client], can we call a Message Driven Bean deployed in Websphere [Windows Server].

If this is possible, what is the method, any tutorials for this?
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lgacsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, it is possible, but the "call" is not the correct word in the messaging world.
You can send a MQ message from a COBOL (or any other) program into a
message queue which a MDB can listen to.
cakurienAuthor Commented:
Can any one help on this
MDB(Message Driven Bean)
cakurienAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot sir,

Can you give me some tips/tutorials/links related to this
See the IBM MQ product documentation especially

- WebSphere MQ Application Programming Guide (SC34-6595-01) on


- WebSphere MQ Using Java (SC34-6591-02)

You can browse them online too on IBM's infocenter

See some COBOL example on:
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