Big WSUS folder

on our server we have noticed  that our WSUS folder is 8gb is this right and do we need it
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Adam GrahamEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Our WSUS folder is 11.5GB.

You will need this if you add more workstations to the network that do not have any approved updates as it will therefore install them.

TCS-UKAuthor Commented:
We have a grand total of 5 PC's and a Server that came within 47mb on the system partition. Updates can be downloaded to the W/S's directly from the Internet. WSUS has been un-installed and the folder moved.
Adam GrahamEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Eh, surely my answer was what was required?

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Adam GrahamEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
I did not comment to this thread after my initial post as in the return comment the asker stated they had already unistall wsus and moved the folder. As far as I can see I answer what I could when I could.

Adam GrahamEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
I have a lot of respect for you due to your seemingly insurmountable knowledge on SBS server. You have helped me personally on many instances with great success.

I do not wish for you to take me up wrong and I am not intent on a debate, however, I think in this instance you are incorrect. I thought the point of this site was to allow for a questions/answers forum. A question was asked, I gave an answer and the user did what they felt was needed. My answer to their question was still correct.

Maybe I'm missing something.

Thanks anyway

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
If the point of EE was to allow for a questions/answers forum without regard to whether or not the question was the right one to ask in the first place, then I think you'd agree that EE would have little value for those who use it.  
The question was VERY simple and you gave a valid answer that was absolutely right... until TCS-UK responded and provided you with a bit more background.  As Experts, whether on this site or in our own consulting businesses, it's our duty to have a deeper understanding of the subject matter than those seeking answers to their problems.  
Too often I see people on this site who call themselves IT consultants respond with "that's the way the customer wanted it".  If that is how they are approaching their work, then they aren't consultants, they're technicians.  The difference between an IT consultant and a technician is that an IT consultant wants to prevent problems before they occur.  A technician fixes problems after they happen.  
One of the primary instructions listed in EE's help section for those wishing to answer questions is this:
Understand The Author's Goal.
Occasionally, the question doesn't really tell you the whole problem; for example, telling someone how to hook up a printer to a parallel port doesn't help someone who has a new printer that hooks up to the USB port. Similarly, technology can be daunting to a new user; he or she may be trying to do something in a very complicated way, when a very simple solution is available.
(Reference:  http:help.jsp#hs41 )
Our role as Experts is difficult because we often have to help people fix their problem after its occurred while at the same time helping them to avoid having related problems in the future.  Whenver I see a question such as this one, I have to first ask myself "Why are they asking this question?"  Because very simple questions like these almost always are just the tip of a much larger issue, and knowing what that larger issue is will help provide an answer that will truly benefit everyone involved.
Hopefully it now makes more sense to you, but if not, feel free to respond.
TechSoEasy -- EE's Microsoft Zone Advisor
Adam GrahamEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Thanks for your thoughts. The point of EE has always made sense to me.

I consider this issue closed as I do not think you would/will change your mind. I do however still disagree.

My reasons should you be interested;

The question was asked, I gave my answer and the askers responce gave aclosing statment. Should the asker have responded with a return question such as 'I have only 47mb of disk space, do I have other options rather than simply keep the current configuration' I would of course have made various suggestions. I feel it would have had no benifet to carry on consultation when the action had already been performed.


Adam GrahamEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Thanks, I appreciate you letting me know.

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