Remote Desktop Issue - Remote Computer is Refusing Connection Before Authentication

I have a  windows XP pro desktop setup on a workgroup network.  The router is configured to pass through the connection to the correct ip address.  I have enabled remote connections from the computer.  I have added the appropriate local user to the list of allowed users.  It worked great for a couple of weeks and then suddenly began refusing the connection.  The computer refuses the connection from outside the network and from inside the network.  The RDP acts like it's going to connect and prompt for username and password but then kicks me out and says the remote computer has refused the connection.  I have done a cold boot, restarted all services etc.
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jkocklerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The fix was to run a microsoft hotfix

Thanks anyway!
Anything new installed on the PC ? Anti-virus..? Firewall?

Is ther a listening process on port 3389 on the destination PC?

jkocklerAuthor Commented:
I will have to check for the process but nothing new installed, and I turned the windows firewall off.  
jkocklerAuthor Commented:
Its listening on 3389.  Looks good on that front.  What's next?  Thanks!
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