Install a printer through an HTML Link

Hello,  We have a internal webpage that our employees can access that was designed in dreamweaver 8 and i am trying to get it so that when they need to install a  printer they can go to this website and click on a link and it will install the shared printer.  The printers are shared from our servers.  
The way that we do it now is you go to start-->run--> type in \\servername and then double click on the shared printer. I have tried typing the above text (with the printer name) into a link but I have had no luck.  

Is it possible to have a printer installed by clicking on a link titled ex. HP Designjet 4000?
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CMYScottConnect With a Mentor Commented:
sorry - I don't - but you could create a page that links to each of your print servers to help the navigation a bit if you have multiple print servers
it may be a two-step process, but have you looked into Internet Printing feature on the Server?  

It creates a web-page for viewing/managing printes on the print-server.  One of the options is to connect to a printer.

You can enable Internet Printing by going to Add/Remove programs --> Add/Remove Windows Components --> Application Server --> Details --> Internet Information Services (IIS) --> Details and then checking the 'Internet Printing' item.

Once enabled, from any client you can simply browse to http://yourserver/printers
kkenisonAuthor Commented:
CMYscott- That will work for what i need. You dont know of a way to link it directly to the connect page do you?
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I was just browsing the internet looking for a similar solution and was able to create a .LNK to the printer, and then point a hyperlink to it. The shortcut file (PRINTER.LNK) pointed to "\\SERVER\PRINTER" and I added the hyperlink:

<a href="PRINTER.LNK">Click here to connect to this printer.</a>

When the intranet page is loaded, I can simply click on the hyperlink which connects me to the printer. I wish I could somehow make the newly added printer the default printer automatically, but at least this is an easy way to connect to it.

Just thought I would share.


Great solution, I just used this to create an html page, containing an image map of our floorplan and where the printers are located.  Users can now just click on the printer they want to add and voila, after opening the lnk, the printer is there for their use!
MotoCrazy, how did you create the shortcut file? for the .lnk
Create a new shortcut (right-click context menu) and have the shortcut point to "\\servername\printername" then name the shortcut whatever you wish, ie "Front Office Color Laser" or whatever. This will create a new shortcut (.lnk file) that you can put into your wwwroot folder. Have the HREF link on your page point to that .lnk file.
Mary MacchioniCommented:
What do you mean by context menu?  Where do I locate that?
Right-click in a blank spot on your desktop, or a blank spot in a folder view, and the options you see there are referred to as a context menu. You should see "New >" then select "Shortcut".
Mary MacchioniCommented:
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