How to get Linksys WRVS4400N to use PPPoA

My ISP or Telco has just decided they don't support PPPoE anymore. I'm not quite sure where the problem really lies as the whole setup was working fine until last night!

Anyway the setup was a LINKSYS WRVS4400N linked via a Netcomm NB5 configured as a bridge with the LINKSYS setup to use PPPoE with the username & password configured. That all worked 100%. Now that my ISP or Telco has decided I have to use PPPoA I'm stuck as the LINKSYS doesn't support that connection method (although the netcomm does)

How do I connect these 2 devices in such as way that I can use the WRVS4400N as my wireless LAN and route out throught the netcomm? The netcomm is currently connected to the internet fine but only 1 PC can use it.

To add a little bit extra to the problem I do need to forward a limited number of TCP ports to a specific IP address on my network.

I have a static internet IP address

Any help would be great

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LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hello RadicalSoftwareSolutions,

As the WRVS4400N is a router and not a gateway it will not support PPP over ATM of course. A reconfiguration of your modem will be needed.
Depending on what the provider over there gives you in IP-address and gateway there are two options.
1) IP & gateway are in the same subnet
   In this case, configuring the modem to PPPoA with DHCP spoofing/half bridge or whichever it's called in your modem will do fine. The WRVS4400N can be set to DHCP or Static-IP depending on the used settings from the provider.
If your modem doesn't support this option, maybe it can do NAT so you'll have a router behind router configuration. This might however kill most VPN functionalities of the WRVS4400N due to NAT-T for IPsec.
2) IP & gateway are in a different subnet
   In this case, there is only one configuration possible. As the WRVS4400N doesn't support this setup by DHCP the mentioned option of using PPPoA with DHCP spoofing/half bridge will not work. There's only one connection protocol in the WRVS4400N which allows an IP address out of the range of the gateway and it's PPTP. If your modem has the option for PPPoA+PPTP, this is your solution. Otherwise you'll have to go for the same setup as explained above: the router to router configuration.

Best regards,

RadicalSoftwareSolutionsAuthor Commented:
Hi LucF

Thanks for your reply. I'm not quite sure I've fully understood the possibilities. The netcomm does offer half bridge. I understand that this will allow the netcomm to tale care of negotiating the connection then just pass my static IP address straight through. When I set the Netcomm into half bridge mode it says that only one PC can connect in that mode but I assume the Linksys would take care of NAT'ing the connection.

These are the details from my ISP (the static IP is actually not correct but the correct one is much the same)
IP address for your service:         203.122.X.X
Domain name server addresses:,

My local wireless LAN is on a 192.168.n.n network with DHCP on a W2008 server.

What is the best way to set this configuration up?
RadicalSoftwareSolutionsAuthor Commented:
Hi LucF

Thank to your guidance I managed to get this sorted. Ihave the Netcomm set up using PPPoA as a router plugged into the lan ports on the WRVS4400N. So it's the router behind router option. The port forwarding is setup on the Netcomm and works fine.

Interestingly, during my various attempts to get this working, I connected the Netcomm using PPPoE and it worked fine - it's only when I set it up as a bridge with the authentication credentials in the WRVS4400N that it doesn't work


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