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i am trying to work out how we can get higher speeds on our internet.

the speed is ok at the mo but sometimes it slows right down. We currently have A 8meg adsl connection that is on a line contention of 50:1. in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoon it does become very slow and i wondered if there is anything i could do about this.

The pipe comes into our server 2003 and is then distributed around 40 people in the office. on a speedtest from a client pc we get around 1meg internet speed but as i say it slows right down at certain times.

what could be a reason for this?? do i need a dedicated line? could it be network traffic.

any ideas??
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CyYanaraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I can squeeze in a word between all the sales pitches (buying more bandwidth will only afford you / users more throughput with which to abuse).  To get a handle on usage, you will need to isolate the source by analyzing your pipe and the traffic flow.  You stated "pipe comes into our server 2003", so is it the router, or is it directly connected to the router? Is there a switch or firewall?

If you can, I would place a switch after the router at your office (terminating your ISP link).  Have a PC for monitoring (or laptop) and the server attached on different ports of the switch.  Then, you can do some testing of the connection (i.e.: the 2wire link from dineesh) from outside your LAN to isolate whether the slow throughput is LAN-related or not.  If throughput is good on the laptop, then you iknow your problem is either the server or something on the LAN.

If you can't place a switch in front of the server or testing indicates it is LAN-related, then your best bet is to configure a swtch on the LAN-side (after the server) with separate VLANs for your interal PCs.  This will help isolate the problem further.  You can use etherreal to analyze the traffic on individual ports to determine if you have a chatty NIC or need to consider filtering youtube traffic.

The low-tech solution is to just start unplugging network jacks one at a time when the problem starts, and test speed until you find a problem.
Christopher MartinezCommented:
During this time of reduced speed, do you have automatic updates running? I know alot of times software like Mcaffee or Symantec like to run their updates then as well as windows updates. You could try to optimize the connection speed on individual PC with software from companies like   ive had some success in turning a slow connection into a fairly good one with that software. Fairly cheap too. Splitting 40 ppl with a single connection is just asking for trouble if your server cant handle all the request. Especially if you have your flow control set to auto negotiate. This will cause a lag time at the server as it attempts to assign a connection speed with each new request.

on a 50:1 contention ratio, 1 Mbps is a good speed. but during the day if the others who are sharing your connection, are using the bandwidth, your throughput is bound to reduce.

try gives you the actual speed at that moment, if you use your ISP speed test, they would give you the last mile speed report at that moment.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Often speed issues are due to users creating excessive traffic downloading music or listening to internet radio.
Nick DennyCommented:
A 50:1 contention ratio in the UK indicates a residential ADSL package (assuming you are in the UK).
The business packages usually run at 20:1
In addition to the above posts/recommendation I would suggest looking at this and confirming the type of deal you have.

Another option for improved speeds is using a 2nd supplier (e.g. cable if you have it in your area).
You could then use a dual WAN router to combine both packages.
NTL:Telewest do a 10mbit business for £40/mth (20mbit for £50).

Also another cause for dramatically slow downloads is excessive/saturated uploads (sending of large emails etc).

In any event a basic 8mbit ADSL deal (UP TO 8mbit - as the ISP's always state) is stretching the system for 40 users.
slittmanAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the late reply but i have been ill recently.

thanks for the input. i will try some tests on the router, but as you can understand sometimes its hard to run these tests during the day but i will try.

To explain my self better the Adsl pipe ( sorry it was a 20:1 contention) comes into the router that is then plugged into the server which then goes to the switches and is then distributed around the LAN. Depending on the time of day the internet and network speeds vary.

 The LAN is busier in the day so it makes sense that it would  slow down.

i have thought about a dual WAN router but that does not actually give me double the speed does it?? I do have 2 x 8meg lines coming in for redundancy but i have researched this before and i thought they were just used for a fall over purpose

would a dedicated 8 meg line coming in be better??? What about a proxy server???
Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The dual WAN routers do not improve speed for an individual user as any 1 connection is made over one line rather than 2, but it does improve overall network performance as all users are split over the two connections. It's important though that the bandwidth of the two connections be relatively similar or 1/2 of your users will have a slower connection.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks slittman.
Cheers !
Feroz AhmedSenior Network EngineerCommented:
Hi,To get a high speed internet or the Bandwidth provided by ISP ,replace your HUB with Switch ,there is a lot difference between HUB and Switch ,Switch distributes the same Bandwidth which is provided by ISP to all systems in your Network and moreover one can configure switch ,configure switch i n such a manner that make a group of systems that require the desired Bandwidth provided by ISP and configure port .
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