Error Accessing Internal Website

I am trying to access my internal website over VPN however I keep getting "You are not authorized to view this page".  If I am on-site and connected to the intranet I can access it fine.  The VPN connection works fine because I can access all the shared folder and such.  I am using active directory for my authentication.  Any suggestions of setting to check or other issues?  Thanks for the help.

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Henrik JohanssonConnect With a Mentor Systems engineerCommented:
The new error sounds like a error 500 caused by some ASP-code segment not handling a raise condition. Toggle the "Show friendly HTTP error messages"-setting in IE (Internet options->advanced) to see if the page displays what line in the code is causing the error.

As this happens only when accessing the site through VPN, maybe the site somehow depends on having clients registered in DNS (forward and reverse) and the VPN-client isn't correctly registered in DNS.
are you accessing it by hostname or IP?

incase you care doing it by host name, try by IP

You may have to fully qualify the domain name of the site when on the VPN. For example, if the site is http://intranet/ you may have to put
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Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
Sounds like the website only allows clients from a given address-range, and the VPN-client is out of scope.
IIS Manager->Web sites->right-click site->Properties->Directory security->IP address and domain restrictions
try seeing ur internet security settings
jomilleAuthor Commented:

"IIS Manager->Web sites->right-click site->Properties->Directory security->IP address and domain restrictions"
  -Ok, I followed these step and did not get any difference.   However under Web Sites there is also a Default Web Site and I went to Directory security-> Ip address and domain restrictions and granted access to all ip addresses.  Now when I connect to the web site via VPN I can get to the Welcome screen of the web site however when I click on My Company's Internal Web Site I get "The page cannot be displayed".
contact the administrator
jomilleAuthor Commented:
I am the administrator..  That is why I am asking for help on this issue.
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