I would like to remove clientnt.exe When I kill the process it keeps coming back.

I want to remove the file clientnt.exe. Wnen I kill the process it keeps coming back.
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itmonitorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The one I saw was from Microsoft and its used for connections between Office and exchanger server 2000.  This doesn't mean that this is the one installed.  Do you have any antispyware or antivirus software installed?  Something that I have used in the past is HiJack this to stop the service/exe from restarting.  Be careful if you use it you could do more damage then good if you click the wrong service to delete/stop.
Does this file seem to be on a exchange 2000 server?
marlenlexAuthor Commented:
No...just on a pc...I think it comes from some product called lan licenser but not sure.
marlenlexAuthor Commented:
I tried that it kept coming back.
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