How to remove a crashed Exchange 2007 Mailserver out of Exchange Manager

One of my Exchange 2007 Mailservers is crashed and had to rebuild it from sero.
The old one is still existing in my Exchange Manager! How can i remove it?
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ryansotoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All the links I posted should solve your issue.  One of the links I posted was from Sembee who is the resident genius on many subjects including exchange.
If its listed in ESM you can right click and choose delete.
You can also use adsi edit

and a final option is to rebuild as stated by Sembee in the 3rd post of this thread
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graphitbvAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reaction dariusg but that is for Exchange 2003 and is very different from Exchange 2007
darius post links to MS sites to basically uninstall exchange 2k7.  My assumption is that the machine is completely crashed and not coming back so uninstalling exchange is not possible.
graphitbvAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the late reaction (vacation :-)

Ryansoto is wright, de server is crashed and is not reinstalled in AD and will not be reused because of his age.
We configured a brand new server with a different name and is successfully participating in AD.
Ive been able to remove the crashed mailserver out of AD but it still keeps his presents in the Exchange Managment Console under Server Configuration/ Mailbox

Does anyone have some other suggestions?

graphitbvAuthor Commented:
Sorry Ryansoto, i am think i was a sleep when looking at the links you posted earlier!
With the adsiedit tool i was able to remove the old mailserver

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