Server 2003 repair

I have a windows 2003 server that is freezing on startup i have reinstalled the server operating system on the same partition but on a different folder and i have kept the previous windows installation i need to know if i can still repair the previous windows installation using the windows 2003 media cd
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DenverRickConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your boot.ini (hidden file on C:\) should look something like the attached sample. The second line determines how long it will display giving you a choice of the three system, which will be displayed on the screen with the quoted text.

The third line determines the default o/s if nothing else is selected within 10 seconds.

In your case you should have two entries on the same partition, one in \Windows, and one in whatever you installed your "Parallel System" to.


Your boot.ini in the root of C:\ can be adjusted to determine the default operating system.

When you run repair it should find both and allow you to select either.

This will help you in resolving this issue:;en-us;325375
mzhaimAuthor Commented:
how can i adjust the boot.ini file to choose which sindows i woulld need to boot from
Glad I could help...(;-)>
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