Custom separator page for Canon iR

Good day,
We just purchased new copier Canon iR5075.
Due to great print flow we decided to use custom separator pages because built-in banner page in Canon drivers is absolutely not tunable.
Copier has 4 drawers and in the 3rd drawer placed A4R paper.
So the task is to create separator page which should be printed out from 3rd drawer and face up (I am not sure is it possible or not). Default printing is face down.
I am absolutely newbie at .sep files so could anyone help me with listing of it?

Tnx in advance.
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mowciaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Here is the answer =)
\U\LJob : \I
\U\LOwner: \N
\U\LDate: \D
\U\LTime: \T

This prints sep page face up and using 3rd drawer as needed.
Why don't you pre-print a separator page (by just manually printing 10 or 50 or 100 pages of what you want the separator pages to look like) placing them upside down in tray 3, then set it so that the separator page just prints out a blank sheet? The printer, when it needs to print a separator page, will print a blank page face down, but on the back of the pre-printed sheets which have your custom image on the other side, which will be face up!
mowciaAuthor Commented:
Needed to place on separator username of print out author to find it quickly so static one is not acceptable...
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OK, then I'm out of ideas; sorry.
This solution does not work for me and my Canon IR8085.  I can't find anything to help me.
Accepted Solution is not that much clear and good...I don't know for what reason this has been accepted....
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