Export Project Tasks into Outlook

I have got Project 2007 and Outlook 2007
I need to import my tasks in to Outlook,
I have looked for a tool to do this but they are either trials or you have to buy them
Is it possible to create a macro to do this or does it have to be a manual export to excel?
i have got the following problems with using excel
1) It exports all tasks including headers, this is a problem because I want to only export sub tasks as the higher archey tasks are just headers, can this be done?
2) I have multiple headers with the same sub tasks but just for different areas, this causes a problem because I then have multiple tasks with the same name in outlook

Please see my attached MPP, please raname back to .mpp
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Export the tasks from the MS Project 2007 to the Excel.
Define the range of data to be imported to Outlook.

From the Outlook, Import the data (map the corresponding columns) and you can view the tasks in the Outlook tasks.

I have tried a sample and it is working.

Here's a free add-in: unfortunately can't try it out on the customer's laptop, so either try it yourself or I'll have a try this evening when I get home.

timwilliams77Author Commented:
This is only a trial
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