Business Management/Administration degree vs BSIT

I have an associates in IT from a technical school. I have been working In IT for several years and i'm currently in a management position.  I'm thinking about going back to school to finish my Bachelor's in order to climb up the management/executive ladder. I can not go to school in the daytime because of my job and a family to support.  I'm willing to go to school in the evenings/weekends. Looking at today's economy and job market, Do you believe that I should continue to persue a BS degree in IT with my experience or pursue a BA/BS Business Management/Administration degree? It seems like the business degree will open more doors in future for future jobs but the IT will get me more pay. I would like your opinions on both. Thanks.
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Well IT isnt IT anymore it really is business technology.
Employers can find a monkey to unlock an account in active directory but its much harder to find someone that can setup a business intelligence or datawarehousing system and understand the data inside.
IE many IT people are just that, IT and dont know or dont understand the rest of the business.
With that said its difficult to answer your question.  I got my BA in computer science and learned how to manage a business through experience.

what do you want to do?  run a business or be in IT?
If both then I woudl get your degree in IT and get practical experience in business or diversify your class load and squeeze in business.
d01970gAuthor Commented:
I would like to do both.  Run a business and keep learning IT.    In the case I do diversify my class load to squeeze in business.  Should I go for Business Management (more finance/accounting) or Busineness Administration(more human resources/organizational behavior) ?  
More business management.  To keep moving up the IT ladder you need skills such as budgeting, creating cost analysis, etc
You dont get that from bus admin.
d01970gAuthor Commented:
By looking at the courses below,  Would you still recommend Bus. Mgt over Business admin?  and why?

Business degree core courses:

Introduction to Information Management
Marketing Management
Self and Team Management Skills II
Principles of Management and Leadership
Ethics for Business
Business Law
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Business Policy and Strategy
Capstone Project

* Business Management additional  courses:

Comparative Economics Systems
Finance and Accounting for Non-financial Managers
Human Resources Management
Organizational Behavior
Training and Development
Business Research methods

* Business Administration additional courses:

Accounting I
Accounting II
Economics I/Macroeconomics
Economics II/Microeconomics
Financial Management
Business Statistics
Personally in your situation I would do this....
Finish your degree in IT while doing so mix and match some of the courses

From the business couurses listed I would take
finance and accounting for non financial managers
financial management
human resources management (this way one day when you become a director you have a clue on how employee functions are supposed to roll)

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