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Reading / Using BLOB Columns

AWarrenM asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
Hi All:
So, I've never really worked with Oracle BLOBs and I've come into a situation where the research I've done hasn't really helped. So I figured I'd ask here as it would save me time.

I have a table with a BLOB column. Inside the blob is XML. I'd like the best ways to look into the blob and extract a piece of the XML within an Oracle function.

So for example sake, lets say the name of the table is table_blob and it has two columns:
1. id, number (pri)
2. zBlob, BLOB

I'd like to have a function that takes in a string to search for in the BLOB, which has XML, an return the corresponding value that matches my search string. So, the XML structure is something like this:
<object id="theValueIWant">
<name>Search Name</name>

So the function would tak in "Search Name" and return "theValueIWant" if found, or null otherwise.

I have some ideas about how to do this, but it involves a function that reads the BLOB data using things like instr.. which I don't think will be very efficient.


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Are you planning to use PLSQL to do so ?


That's the intent..
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I know about the XML parser.. the issue is that it's in a BLOB and not a CLOB which your first link provides. CLOBs, from my knowledge, are different to work with than BLOBs.

So essentially, i need to know how to get the information out of the BLOB, maybe create that info as an XML object, and then parse it.. efficiently.

Have a look at this url , it helps you understand how to manipulate data included in a BLOB columns


This is another website which is useful in your case
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