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Modifying a users Outlook settings in a VB script or Batch file

drxav asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Hi everyone,

I have been ordered to update outlook signatures on about 200 machines :( lol so i wrote a batch file to do the work for me but i have hit a problem.

The batch file simply clears out any existing signature information in the user's application data under their profile in documents and settings and then copies new ones off the server and places them in the local signature folder.

Works a treat :)

But the problem is i still have to manually go onto each machine and set the new signature to be used on new emails and replies....

Has anyone got any script i can use, happy with VB Script or batch....

Thanks Everyone.
@ echo off
REM - Signature Deployment Batch file - programmed by Xavier Hutchinson 2008 for epicentre.
REM - sources used: http://windowsitpro.com/windowsscripting/article/articleid/21569/rem-obtaining-the-current-username.html
REM - Thanks for the code guys :) 
REM Global variables. Set these to make your day easier.
REM the network path (windows 2000 safe please as dos can be funny about these things..... lol)
	SET networkPath=s:\signatures\
REM the username.... 
	SET username=%USERNAME%
REM the domain name....
REM set the outlook signature path
	SET outlookSignaturePath=C:\Documents and Settings\%username%.%domainName%\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures\
	SET outlookSignaturePath2=C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures\
REM Ask if we want to erase all files currently in the local signature folder
REM Delete exsisting signatures.
rmdir "%outlookSignaturePath%" /s /q
rmdir "%outlookSignaturePath2%" /s /q
REM Recreate the signature folder
md "%outlookSignaturePath%"
md "%outlookSignaturePath2%"
echo Exsisting user signatures deleted successfully...
REM Syncronize server signatures
copy "%networkPath%%username%\*.*" "%outlookSignaturePath%*.*"
copy "%networkPath%%username%\*.*" "%outlookSignaturePath2%*.*"
echo Network syncronization is complete.

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Serge FournierAnalyst Programmer

just tell me if it's interesting, i might finish it faster ;)

Serge FournierAnalyst Programmer

i guess i was lucky you were a guru to get a good answer on that stuff

pretty heavy stuff ;)

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