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search for links that provide  pricing information for top selected USA merchants

Last Modified: 2010-04-27
I need data feeds or web services URL for top USA merchants

 I have the following list of top merchants:


I am looking for URL that would give me information about data feeds or web services interface of the merchant for each of above merchants. For example for dell.com it might be:
which should return xml (not html  which would mean screen scraping) that contains price information, item detail
URL at dell.com for that specific item identifed by item UPC code in the query(pid=345670989).
If instead of above, you provide me a link that gives documentation about data feeds or web services for a specific merchant or set of merchants then that is also an answer.

If you are 100% sure that dell does not provide such web service interface then you tell me as  this is also answer to my question.

Please note I am a developer and please do not provide links to third party products for purchase such as PHP price comparison scripts as I am not interested in these but I would welcome if you tell from your experience how these scripts work across hundreds of merchants. Obviously these script must be doing something very similar to what I am trying to develop but only for a limited number of top merchants.

I am trying to develop a script using merchant's data feed or web service interface that will go to above sites with product UPC code in the query and return the price, whether the item is in stock, and
the URL for the landing page of that product with that merchant.
Even if you know or find one third of above merchant's URL, I will consider this complete solution and will repost the question with the remaining merchants in the repost.
Does affiliate networks like linkshare or commission junction provide such information that can help my script?
If you know for sure that a given merchant from above list does not provide data feeds or web service interface, please let me know because this is also answer to my question.
Tags: SEO, web marketing
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