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Setting up multiple VLAN's on Cisco ASA 5505

Last Modified: 2012-08-14
We have a Cisco ASA 5505 that allows for the creation of 20 VLANs.  Currently we have 7 servers on their own VLANs so they cannot talk to eachother, and the first port/vlan is outside internet access.  All of these servers can access the internet but cannot talk to eachother.  We are expanding and would like to be able to put more servers on their own VLAN's, but there are only 8 ports (all used) on the back of the Cisco.  When you create a VLAN, you must also specify which port it will use.  How do we add more than 7 servers to their own VLAN's and allow them internet access out of the first port if there are only 8 ports on the Cisco?

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will this work with a Cisco 1900 Switch?
I don't believe that it will.  

The Cisco 1900 switch uses ISL for VLAN tagging, and doesn't support 802.1q.  

newer Cisco equipment, including the ASA will only support 802.1q vlan tagging.

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