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Lacie ethernet disk giving host unreachable messages - was working fine earlier, any diagnosing ideas?

RupertA asked
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
Our server is small business server 2003 and we have a domain everybody logs onto, lets call it ourcompanydomain. We have a Lacie ethernet disk sitting on our network with its own IP address. Somebody just complained that they can't access the lacie disk. I rebooted it which usually sorts that but this time it hasn't. The disk itself is fine cos I've been able to locally log on and its all there, nothing is broken. However under the network information for it it reads

Machine name Lacie - X7IKAUY3J
IP 194.***.**.*** (i just starred out the real IP address and same below)
subnet mask ***.***.***.*
Default gateway ***.***.**.* (host unreachable)
DNS Server ***.***.**.* (host unreachable)
WINS Server ***.***.**.* (host unreachable)

what I am interested in is the 'host unreachable' messages. I have checked the obvious like network cable and there are the two green lights by the port.

Is there any way I can try and diagnose what the problem is under server management on our SBS server 2003? Could SBS server have blocked the disk, a little like the way say windows nt server 4 would lock people out if you did what it regarded as suspicious behaviour?

Anyone got any suggestions as to where to start looking to solve the problem?


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Hello, sorry, need a little clarification.  I haven't used Lacie, but we use Buffalo and Netgear's NASs and they're all pretty much the same.

If your Lacie is setup as a standard NAS, they usually have security setup in either workgroup mode or Active Directory/Domain mode.  How is yours setup?

Also, when you see the "host unreachable", is that Lacie's management page reporting that the default gw, DNS, and WINS are all unreachable?

If that is the case, then have you tried pinging the Lacie from your default gw, DNS, and WINS?

If that works, then it could be how the Lacie is attaching itself to your SBS domain.  Usually in AD/Domain mode, a NAS asks for a Domain Admin account and password during setup.  Has that account's password changed recently?

Unfortunately, the server management for SBS won't help.  You could, however, check the Security event logs and see if the there are incorrect login errors associated with your Lacie machine name.

Let us know how you're setup and we can go from there.


hi idalian

the "host unreachable" is the lacie management page reporting saying that. However I have been pinging the lacie all day long from my computer and no packets are received. What do u mean by pinging from my default gatewway, DNS and wins? is this different? how do u do that.

However, I DID for the first time in 2 years change my administrator password today, so I am wondering if this is what did it. I will try putting it back first thing tomorrow. You see I am in UK and its 9.20pm and I am at home.

Thanks for your help. Hope u can maybe chime in at similar time tomorrow and I will let u know how I got on.

Right, I did see you were in GMT but I'll reply anyway (end of day for me coming up...)

The fact that no ping replies are received does worry me some. However, if you are able to reach the management page from the same PC, then it could be the Lacie has some sort of security/firewall blocking pings.

By pinging from default gateway, I meant if you have access to the router that is your default gateway address, then try running a ping to the Lacie from there.  Although if there is a firewall running on the Lacie, then you won't get any better results.

Most likely the password change caused users to lose contact with the Lacie. This is because when a user needs to access the files on it, the Lacie runs an authorization check with the SBS server using the Domain Admin password.  If that fails, then users won't be able to see the shares on the Lacie.  This happened to me too. I learned the hard way to keep a running list of every device and service that uses the admin password. =P

Look under your Domain or Active Directory setup page for the Lacie, and put in the new password.  Give it a moment to synchronize (or reboot the Lacie) and see what happens.

I'll check back first thing tomorrow, which should be just before 17:00 GMT. Cheers!


Hi there, not had a great day with this lacie drive.

I logged onto the default gateway (the router) and pinged lacie - no response. Not good. I then unplugged lacie drive from network and plugged into a simple 4 socket hub and plugged my pc into that. I logged onto my computer locally and used the lacie IP configurator to at least see Lacie drive. There is this lacie configurator CD you see which you use to configure the drive. The software does a search for any lacie drives it can find. It doesn't pick up lacie under available servers. :( I know there is nothing wrong with the hub as I plugged another computer into that and both computers can see each other fine. So I have a situation where I can't find Lacie with the onfigurator or go to the web administration page. However I know there is nothing wrong with lacie cos when i log locally onto it I can see that all the files are there and it all looks ok.

So I got a support ticket open with lacie, you can't ring them unfortunately. So I could be waiting a good while to hear back. Its already been 24  hours and nothing back :(

The idea of changing my network admin password back to the old one would have been good ,only small business server 2003 won't let you change it back to an old one unfortunately.
So I guess I gotta wait for technical support unless anybody has any more suggestions I can try in the mean time. Thanks for reading.


actually I was able to change my network adminpassword back to the old one, I just did it now. If I go onto server management in SBS 2003 and change it as an admin its fine.

However, changing it back to the old one hasn't helped lacie. I've rebooted lacie and it still gives the host unreachable message. :(
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hi Idalian, in answer

When I say, I login locally what I mean is that I can attach a monitor, mouse and keyboard actually to lacie and use it like that. Then with that setup i just log on locally. However the problem is that when you log on locally like that there are only a few things in that interface. There are tabs for firewall, diagnostics. These only give current information, you cannot change them.

So how can you change them? You are supposed to set them by logging into a web administration page from your own pc. Now the problem with this is that I can't because lacie is not on the network and can't be seen on the network. And even worse, if i just network lacie to my pc through a simple hub it still can't see it and even the lacie configuration software which is supposed to recognise any lacie disk can't detect there is a lacie drive either.

Life would have obviously been a lot simpler if the lacie drive would allow you to configure it when you access it via put keyboard, mouse and monitor straight into it. I know a good workman never blames his tools and all that but I have never had good experiences with lacie drives despite the brand name. I have avoided them totally for last few years when buying new ones. Buffalo is much better in my opinion. The only reason my boss got this one is cos at the time it was so cheap for 1tb storage. Cheapest does not necessarily mean best.

Only user action you can actually do when using mouse/keyboard/monitor plugged into lacie is the backup. Which is a godsend. It means I am getting stuff off the lacie via backup for those who need files.

Anyway my support ticket at lacie hasn't been answered yet. :(


I got my tech response today from Lacie. He ran me thru a few tests and concluded that the network card on lacie had a problem or the sister board it plugs into is dead or some other hardware malfunction on the networking side. Its out of warranty as well, so may need advice on a new one here at EE! That will be a new thread though.

So I'm waiting to hear back if there is anything else they can think to try and if not how much will a repair cost and where do I go! I reckon I'll be backing it up and moving the data onto a new ethernet disk (not a lacie). Theres about 600 gb on that disk to move - hmmmf.

Will close this thread and give points out when its concluded that theres no hope for the old lacie disk.


thanks for your help idalian - looks like we will be getting a new drive :(
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