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Forwarding Multiple Public IP Addresses to Internal Servers

slattdog asked
Last Modified: 2008-08-25
We have 5 static IPs (all in the subnet) via our ISP.  We usa a SonicWALL Pro1260 (Enhanced OS) for our router/firewall.  We have only ever used one of the IPs (as the WAN address of the SonicWALL), but now find oursleves in need of an additional public IP.  For simplicity sake... we have two internal webservers that we want to be able to access via two different IP addresses.  (i.e. publicIP1 forwards to servA publicIP2 forwards to servB)  Both servers need port 80 and 443.  Is there a way to "host" both of the public IPs via the SonicWALL and have them point to different servers respectively?
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setup an ip mapping to point each individual external ip to the web server's internal ips


Okay.  But the SonicWALL only has the one public IP (WAN) address.  How do I utilize the other public IPs?


I tried adding an additional IP to the OPT port, but it errors out sayinig that the subnet is already in use.
is the sonic wall connected directly to your telecom's box (i know with my comcast commercial, i could modify settings on the telecom box itsself) or possibly call your isp, since every once in a while you get a tech support guy with some knowledge


The SonicWALL is connected to a Cisco router managed by AT&T.

Perhaps a little clarification...

I have a pool of 5 IPs (25 through 29 with subnetmask that I can use. The SonicWALL has a WAN (public) side and a LAN (private) side. The LAN side has IP address The WAN side has address (for example). If I point example.domain.com to (via external DNS) how do I get the SonicWALL to handel that IP (in addition to the address)?


Correction and additional info...

Actually, the SonicWALL WAN is plugged into a 5 port switch, which then plugs into the Cisco router.  If I take and setup a server and assign it one of my public IPs and connect it to the 5 port switch I can access it externaly no problem.  But how do I handle multiple IPs via the SonicWALL (which is in front of all my servers)?


I could take and just plug the server in question into the switch (and give it a public IP) but then I would loose the protection afforded by the SonicWALL.
here is an example from the manual:

Your ISP has given you a public IP address of and a range of public IP address from to To configure the SonicWALL security appliance in Transparent
Mode, select Transparent Mode from the Mode menu. Then follow these steps:
1 Click the icon in the Configure column to display the WAN Settings window.
2 Enter your IP address,, in the WAN IP Address field. Complete the rest of the
fields in the WAN Settings window using information provided by the ISP.
3 Click OK.
4 Click Intranet in the Network menu list.
5 Select Specified address ranges are attached to the LAN link.
6 Click Add in the LAN/WAN Client Address Ranges table.
7 Enter your IP address,, in the IP Address From field.
8 Enter the IP address,, in the IP Address To field and click OK.
9 Click Apply, and then Restart in the Status bar. The SonicWALL security appliance restarts and
updates the configuration.
Note: Transparent Modes are not available on SonicWALL wireless security appliances: TZ150
Wireless, TZ150 Wireless, and the TZ170 Wireless.

page 80, here:  http://www.sonicwall.com/downloads/SonicWALL_SonicOS_Standard_3.1_Administrators_Guide.pdf
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