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Amazon Images PPI

Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Can anyone explain why a copy of any Amazon image shows 96PPI in windows explorer but 72PPI in Photoshop and Fireworks:


It is showing the correct width in pixels in all three.

My default display settings are 96PPI and if I change to 72PPI, the image properties read 72PPI in explorer

Thanks Paul
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Hi Ed

I hadn't noticed that Explorer was quoting dpi which explains some of the difference.

The image shows up as 72ppi in Photoshop and Firefox. If I open it in Photoshop and then immediately save it, Explorer then displays it as 72dpi.


The reason that I need to find a solution to this is that the vertical and horizontal resolution of the original image is showing as 96ppi in Visual Studio vs 72ppi in Photoshop. I only mentioned Explorer as it appeared to demonstrate the issue (but just confuses it instead)

You are right!. And it maybe  the default setting within thePhotoshop application. That whatever images output value in ppi fromPhotoshop will be carried out as the same value in dpi.

However, you can tweak a little if you need really to have 96 dpi without altering the size of your image.


Ok. Paul. I got your point.

Just try this out, for this is what I did when I came across an issue like yours.

In photoshop > Image Menu> Image Size> Change the resolution into 96 ppi.
You will notice that the Pixel dimension change automatically, Dontworry about it for you can return it to its original size by typingagain the pixel size like 500 x 500.

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