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Linksys SLM224G4SP Slow traffic

Last Modified: 2013-11-09
I am in the process of cleaning up the wiring in our Office.  We have approximately 30 users in our main office that were connected through a series of workgroup hubs and switches.  I have terminated all cabling from the workstations into a 24 port patch panel and installed two Linksys SLM224G4SP managed switches set up as a Stack (Unit 1 port G1 connected to Unit 2 port G2 and unit 1 port G2 connected to Unit 2 port G1).  

Since the switches cut down on collisions, I expected the applications that run over the network to run faster, however they seem to be running slower.  

If I do a ping to a workstation (pint /n 100), I am getting about 5% packet loss.  I have also noticed that about every 5 to 10 seconds all link lights on the switches blink in unison.  I have tried to tweak the configuration of the switches using the web interface but nothing has helped so far.  Currently the switches are set to the factory defaults.

Does anyone have any experience with this particular model, or any general advice that may help?
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I would like to know have you configured stacking on switches
it is possible, that you have just looped your network with 2 gigabits.
try to unplug one gig between switches and see what happens within network
it is also recommended to have spanning tree enabled on all ports of switches.
as for performance, I suppose, you have removed all the hubs from your network, because hubs can lower network performance as well

please also check the switch log to understand switch's health.


I do have the stacking configured for the switch.  

I have played with the configuration over the week end and think that I may have found the problem.  It looks like the network is being flooded with broadcast packets.  

I am in the process of setting up the static address table using the MAC addresses of the hosts and it seems to be making a big difference on the bandwidth that is used.  It is my understanding that if a match for the mac is not found in the dynamic address table the packet is flooded to all ports, by configuring the static addresses it looks like it cuts down on this type of traffic and performance all the way around has increased.
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Thanks I will give the age setting a try.

Since you are the only person to respond, you get the points ;)
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