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Windows 2003 Performance Options for terminal server

Brian_MB asked
Last Modified: 2008-07-31
I have one Win2003 Citrix presentation server 4 online and i'm getting ready to install a 2nd.  Once in a while users can't log on so I am considering if I have the Performance Options settings correct before I install the new server.

Servers are nearly identical. One has 3.0 ghz processors and the other has 3.4.
Both dual processor, 4gb ram, 2 drives in Raid 1 config.

What should the settings be for the various tabs under System Properties, Advanced, Performance?  I'm mostly concerned with:
Processor Scheduling
 Memory Usage
 Virtual Memory settings.

Any other tweaks I should consider with Citrix//Terminal environment?
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I doubt the issue you are seeing when "users can't log on" has anything to do with "Processor Scheduling" and/or "Memory Usage".  Typically people set both of these to Programs since your serving up Programs, but I really doubt you or your end users would notice a difference if you changes these.

If your trying to solve the issue where "users can't log on" please provide some details around that scenario so we can help with that.

If your just looking for tweaks, I would highly suggest looking at "DABCC Methodology in a Box 4.0 for Citrix Presentation Server 4.0"
Free Download:


I have to try to get some more information compiled to troubleshoot when the users can't log on.  It's always in the busiest time of the day and I just have to get it rebooted so my people can work.  I'll open another question on that when I get more info.

As far as the pagefile for the terminal server, what should it be?  I read http://www.dabcc.com/forumcontent.aspx?sectionid=18 recommendations that say 2.5 times memory but it also says max 4095.  I have 4gb physical memory installed.  Right now (and I'm not sure who set this) on c: is set initial 200 and max 500, and on d: system managed size.  

It also currently says Minimum 16mb, recommended 6142 mb, currently allocated 4295 (which would be the 200 on c + 4095 max as specified in the article).   So why does is say recommended 6142 if max is 4095? What are the optimal settings in this case?
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Thanks for the link, I think I understand it.

2 disks, Raid 1, 3rd disk for hotspare.  Told by dell rep this was fastest & best for Terminal Servers
2 volumes, c & d.

Under task manager my current PF usage is saying 2.00 gb. With it set as system managed and currently allocate is 4095, why is windows recommending 6142 mb
Should I make it that big or bigger?
What about the one on C: volume custom size 200 max 500? Is that ok or what is ideal?
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