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Adjusting CMYK % for printing

JoeRM asked
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
I've been asked to adjust the CMYK levels to a few jpegs so that they match the following percentages:

C - 60%
M - 40%
Y - 10%
K - 100%

Obviously, the blacks wouldn't change. What I'm wondering, though, is how to affect the changes to the image. It's in the CMYK format but I can't find a way to adjust the different channels individually. I've looked up many different subjects, such as how to adjust the color separation as well as changing the color settings (Edit > Color Settings).

I think they may be asking me to do something using the wrong terminology. Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Photoshop - Three step process
  2. Image>Mode>CMYK
  3. Select the area of the image that you would like to change color using whatever tool you are comfortable with
  4. Edit>Fill>Color>Enter new cmyk value
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How you do this all depends on the subject matter of the image. If it is a line drawing with separate areas of black, then vanwraps is exactly correct.

When you say "obviously" the blacks won't change" you are correct that they won't change on your monitor, but they will show up on a printed image. In the world of printing, there are many different colors of "black" There are warm blacks, cool blacks, dense blacks and thin blacks and everything in between.

If, however, you have a continuous tone image such as a photograph, adjusting just the black areas is a bit more problematic and you may need a little extra guidance.

Vanwaps guidance is still correct, there's just some extra steps that you might want to take.

Ah... Mr. Superb has jumped ahead and anticipated the next step while I was still typing.
It looks like you are in good hands, so I'll just sit over here in the corner until needed.
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