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Nested subforms. Need to refer to Main form-

scbdpm asked
Last Modified: 2008-07-13
I have a form on which there is a subform. On that subform is a second subform (nested subform?).

I need to refer to a field/control (the unique ID of the main form's current record) from the nested subform.

How can I do this?
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The following Code Snippet might illuminate what happening.

Private Sub cmdSample_Click()
    Dim frmParent As Form
    Dim frmSub1 As Form
    Set frmSub1 = Me.Parent.Form
    Set frmParent = frmSub1.Parent.Form
    MsgBox frmParent.Controls("KeyID").Value
End Sub

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This is very good and what I was looking for.

However, I was remiss in posting my entire solution I am seeking and therefore am having troubles translating.....

The reason I need this:
My DB captures customer encounters.

My main form is for each customer; demographicsl etc. The subforms on this form collect different pieces of data about that customer: contacts (meetings, phhone calls, etc).

The subform I am working on now is for data entry of an 'action item' pertaining to that customer.
on the 'action item' subform, my 'nested subform' is for collecting what product/service line the action item pertains to. On a different subform, we collect the product/service line the customer is currently involved in.

So, what I would like to do is, on the action item subform, there is a drop down 'service line'. From that drop down, I only want to see the product/service lines that the customer is part of.

As part of the Row Source for the combobox, I want to filter back to the customer that is displayed on the main form....

Have I totally confused the question now? LOL!

(can post another question if too complicated to answer here)


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