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Connection issue with GhostCast

Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I believe this is a connection issue as it works fine when I have this plugged in on my ntwk. Only problem with that is when it is plugged in my wireless ntwk goes down. I have to isolate my ghosting process using a switch and router I have the server and two pc's that need ghost applied hanging off a switch and the switch plugged into a router. I set the server session to multicast and the session name to 520. It gives the error msg I attached. Again I believe this is a connection issue. Please advise.
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We had a static IP on the two PC's getting the image placed on them the router couldn't find them.


Ghostcast and peer to peer  were grayed out because the internet connection in network settings were not on. LAN was turned on but since I had the 3 pc's (server, two getting imaged) plugged in to the switch and the switch into the router. The router needed distribute ips and although all 3 pc's saw each other I couldnt send the image across the network.

Solution if you have ghostcast and peer to peer grayed out: Internet connection has to be activated as well as lan connection.
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