Trying to access Local Group Policy. Get Error "You do not have permission to perform this operation"

I have  a couple terminal servers - not set up by me- running Windows Server 2003 that I cannot edit the local security policy on.  When I type "gpedit.msc" I get a "Group Policy Error" window with the error "You do not have permission to perform this operation" and "Access is Denied".  I've tried the local administrator account on the box, my domain admin account to no avail.  The server is on a domain, but the Default Domain policy doesn't seem to have any settings that would block local security policy access, and any other servers except these terminal servers allow local security policy access.  The default policy in the domain, using GPRESULT, seems to be the only policy applied.  I don't know if the former terminal server admin tried locking these down and messed something up. Any ideas?
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DarthywAuthor Commented:
SWEET!  The second link had the fix:

The issue may occur if the current user account (although it is an
administrator account) does not have access to some necessary files or
registry. Please check to ensure that the current user has full control on
the following folder and does NOT have any Deny item:


Someone set the Admins to deny on everything.  

Much Thanks!!
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