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Restoring default policies with dcgpofix.exe, version mismatch

I need to restore the Default policies in Windows 2003 domain (I have no gpt.ini file in sysvol)
I have located the dcgpofix utility to do this, however, if I start it I get the error:

The Active Directory schema version for this domain, and the version supported by this tool do not match. The GPO can be restored using the /ignoreschema command line parameter. However, it is recommended that you try and obtain an updated version of this tool that may have an updated version of the Active Directory schema. Restoring a GPO with an incorrect schema may result in unpredictable behavior.

I take this warning seriously, and do not want to use the /ignoreschema parameter. However, I cannot locate a newer version of the dcgpofix tool. There is no download available from Microsoft.

I am running Windows server 2003 R2 standard edition with SP2.
The dcgpofix.exe is the one that was installed with the OS.

Any ideas how I can find the Active Directory schema version and the corresponding dcgpofix.exe?

Active DirectoryWindows Server 2003

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